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The Secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
The Curse of Monkey Island
Escape from Monkey Island
Tales of Monkey Island
Return to Monkey Island
Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island
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Part I
Download All (38.93 MB)
Introduction & Main TitlesDownload 1.68 MB
Chapter 1 - The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuckDownload 115.90 KB
LeChuck's HoldDownload 1.30 MB
Bloodnose the PirateDownload 1.30 MB
Wally CryingDownload 1.40 MB
Firing the CannonDownload 903.95 KB
Murray's IntroductionDownload 1.28 MB
LeChuck's Treasure HoldDownload 610.74 KB
Chapter 2 - The Curse Gets WorseDownload 123.32 KB
Voodoo SwampDownload 715.38 KB
Voodoo and ThingsDownload 698.24 KB
Mocking the Voodoo Lady & Voodoo JazzDownload 1.26 MB
Jazzy Voodoo in the SwampDownload 928.00 KB
Elaine Is StolenDownload 296.54 KB
The FortDownload 790.35 KB
Plunder Island MapDownload 846.89 KB
Puerto PolloDownload 818.75 KB
The Barbery CoastDownload 1.23 MB
Edward Van HelgenDownload 1.22 MB
Cutthroat BillDownload 1.21 MB
Haggis McMuttonDownload 1.21 MB
Captain RottinghamDownload 1.21 MB
In the Belly of the SnakeDownload 1.18 MB
Shaving Rottingham's HeadDownload 330.83 KB
Quicksand & PapapishuDownload 746.85 KB
Blondebeard's Chicken ParlorDownload 853.55 KB
Choose Your WeaponDownload 165.54 KB
On the HillDownload 844.34 KB
The Caber TossingDownload 161.96 KB
Rubber Caber TossingDownload 275.30 KB
At the CabanaDownload 657.30 KB
Cabana BoyDownload 1.26 MB
The Brimstone Beach ClubDownload 1.26 MB
Danjer CoveDownload 840.50 KB
Using the Row BoatDownload 395.56 KB
Boarding the Sea CucumberDownload 745.32 KB
Monkeys of the Sea CucumberDownload 717.43 KB
Mr. FossieDownload 600.25 KB
Guybrush Shares Too MuchDownload 462.08 KB
Speares - A Theater-MedleyDownload 901.90 KB
Slappy Cromwell JugglingDownload 593.59 KB
Monkeyed LightshowDownload 901.65 KB
Sea CucumberDownload 625.06 KB
The Barbery Coast - RemixDownload 1.25 MB
Dominic Armato Demo Tape (Bonus)Download 2.94 MB
Part II
Download All (42.19 MB)
Chapter 3 - Three Sheets to the WindDownload 114.88 KB
On Deck of Guybrush's ShipDownload 493.81 KB
Boarded by Captain RottinghamDownload 1.62 MB
A Pirate I Was Meant to BeDownload 2.58 MB
The Combat MapDownload 550.87 KB
The Sea BattlesDownload 802.89 KB
SwordfightingDownload 511.97 KB
More SwordfightingDownload 503.28 KB
Even More SwordfightingDownload 446.47 KB
And Yet Some More SwordfightingDownload 473.85 KB
Winning a Sword FightDownload 178.33 KB
Losing a Sword FightDownload 186.78 KB
The Weaponary ShopDownload 830.26 KB
Fighting RottinghamDownload 506.60 KB
Recovering the MapDownload 176.54 KB
To Blood IslandDownload 211.08 KB
Chapter 4 - Thieves, Bartender, His Aunt & Her LoverDownload 118.46 KB
The Wreck of the Sea CucumberDownload 510.18 KB
Blood Island MapDownload 1.91 MB
Goodsoup Hotel ExteriorsDownload 792.65 KB
The Goodsoup Family HotelDownload 1,012.95 KB
Upstairs at the HotelDownload 1.07 MB
Griswald GoodsoupDownload 1.03 MB
Spare RoomDownload 1.08 MB
Blood Island BeachDownload 1.96 MB
The WindmillDownload 1.89 MB
Passing OutDownload 435.98 KB
End Credits (Hey, I'm not Dead)Download 345.41 KB
Stan ReturnsDownload 475.90 KB
The CemeteryDownload 1.18 MB
Meeting LemonheadDownload 1.04 MB
In the VolcanoDownload 935.17 KB
Human-Like SacrificeDownload 308.57 KB
Goodsoup Family CryptDownload 1.03 MB
Scaring Mort, The Grave DiggerDownload 325.96 KB
Back to Part 1Download 390.95 KB
The Undead LoversDownload 857.90 KB
The ClearingDownload 724.08 KB
Arriving at Skull IslandDownload 118.97 KB
Skull IslandDownload 552.91 KB
Falling Off the CliffDownload 347.46 KB
The Smugglers' CaveDownload 909.58 KB
Fighting the SmugglersDownload 293.21 KB
Chapter 5 - Kiss of the Spider MonkeyDownload 112.83 KB
Time Out, Young ManDownload 100.04 KB
LeChuck's Evil StoriesDownload 737.64 KB
Maturity in 23 SecondsDownload 242.81 KB
Chapter 6 - Guybrush Kicks Butt Once AgainDownload 108.74 KB
Rollercoaster of DeathDownload 5.87 MB
End CreditsDownload 4.10 MB
MIDI PackDownload 58.80 KB