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The Secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
The Curse of Monkey Island
Escape from Monkey Island
Tales of Monkey Island
Return to Monkey Island
Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island
Part I
Download All (53.81 MB) / On YouTube
Main TitlesDownload 1.47 MB
Tied to the MastDownload 1.43 MB
The Mast CueDownload 131.06 KB
Act ScreenDownload 135.96 KB
Options ScreenDownload 281.22 KB
The DocksDownload 1.60 MB
Melee TownDownload 2.01 MB
Melee MapDownload 932.24 KB
Outside the Governor's MansionDownload 1.67 MB
Inside the Governor's MansionDownload 1.76 MB
Destroying the CatapultDownload 290.20 KB
Catapult DestroyedDownload 175.96 KB
Charles L. Charles AppearsDownload 1.44 MB
Talking with Carla and OtisDownload 1.28 MB
The International House of MojoDownload 1.47 MB
The HarborDownload 1.30 MB
Outside Meathook'sDownload 583.26 KB
Scumm Bar (Main)Download 1.67 MB
Scumm Bar (Talking with Mr. Cheese)Download 1.38 MB
Scumm Bar (Talking with the Bar Tender)Download 1.40 MB
Lucre TownDownload 1.89 MB
Lucre Island MapDownload 2.08 MB
The LawyersDownload 1.93 MB
House of SticksDownload 1.36 MB
Protheses ShopDownload 1.81 MB
Bait ShopDownload 1.02 MB
Termite CircusDownload 765.76 KB
The BankDownload 1.23 MB
Prisoner in the VaultDownload 999.59 KB
Guybrush Escapes from the VaultDownload 517.59 KB
Switching on the Lights at the BankDownload 255.14 KB
Hall of JusticeDownload 1.95 MB
Speaking with Inspector CanardDownload 576.33 KB
Ozzie MandrillDownload 1.04 MB
Outside Ozzie's HouseDownload 491.84 KB
Inside Ozzie's HouseDownload 1.71 MB
The Ozzie Mandrill CueDownload 157.14 KB
The SwampDownload 2.99 MB
Pegnose PeteDownload 1.30 MB
Arriving at Pegnose's HouseDownload 520.04 KB
Pegnose PanicsDownload 557.59 KB
Outside the Booty ShowcaseDownload 2.26 MB
Pegnose's Booty ShowcaseDownload 1.40 MB
The Curtain Opens (Booty Showcase)Download 190.65 KB
The WoodDownload 470.20 KB
Under WaterDownload 2.19 MB
The Scumm Bar CueDownload 456.73 KB
Part II
Download All (58.17 MB) / On YouTube
Finding the Wedding GiftsDownload 1.07 MB
The Lua BarDownload 1.94 MB
Meathook'sDownload 1.12 MB
Jambalaya TownDownload 1.83 MB
Jambalaya MapDownload 994.69 KB
Jambalaya Map Near the Knuttin AtollDownload 1,007.75 KB
The Knuttin AtollDownload 2.18 MB
Star Buccaneers Coffee ShopDownload 1.83 MB
MicrogroggeryDownload 2.45 MB
Planet ThreepwoodDownload 1.77 MB
Stan's Time Sharing AgencyDownload 2.20 MB
Diving CompetitionDownload 2.01 MB
Talking with Jumbeaux LaFeetDownload 1.53 MB
Losing the Diving CompetitionDownload 195.55 KB
Winning the Diving CompetitionDownload 218.00 KB
Admiral Ricardo CasabaDownload 1.59 MB
Admiral Casaba CueDownload 150.65 KB
The Transmogrification School for PiratesDownload 1.95 MB
Miss Rivers Gets AngryDownload 869.43 KB
Miss Rivers CueDownload 242.90 KB
A Life of Endless PuzzlesDownload 652.29 KB
Monkey Island Beach - CanyonDownload 1.17 MB
Monkey Island MapDownload 1.12 MB
Herman ToothrotDownload 1.87 MB
Boulder MachineryDownload 1.79 MB
The MineDownload 1.66 MB
Machinery RoomDownload 1.57 MB
The Lava FieldDownload 1.92 MB
Hectic Lava CueDownload 218.82 KB
First Church of LeChuck... OrthodoxDownload 1.60 MB
The Monkey HeadDownload 1.55 MB
The Monkey VillageDownload 1.41 MB
Talking to Jojo JuniorDownload 1.02 MB
Meeting a Monkey in the WoodsDownload 1.02 MB
Monkey CombatDownload 908.16 KB
Monkey Combat - LoserDownload 195.96 KB
Monkey Combat - WinnerDownload 177.19 KB
Monkey Combat - Winning the Final RoundDownload 522.49 KB
Herman Toothrot's Memory Returns & ShowdownDownload 440.82 KB
Transmission TowerDownload 1.27 MB
Ultimate Monkey CombatDownload 1.85 MB
Closing MedleyDownload 7.76 MB
MIDI PackDownload 17.70 KB