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Guybrush's Name
Trivia #0
From Ronzo's blog: During the early days of Monkey Island I didn't have a name for Guybrush. We just called him the 'guy'. When Steve Purcell was doing concepts for 'the guy' he was doing them in dpaint. In dpaint you could select a section of the screen called a 'brush' and save it out. It was these files I got from Steve. I saw the file names so many times that the name 'guybrush' stuck. (Incidentally, Tim Schafer wanted to name the character Hank Plank. Source: Tim's tweets.)

Threepwood was decided in a company contest. The name comes from the book The Brinkmanship of Galahad Threepwood (US title). Threepwood is also rumoured to be the name of Dave Grossman's character in RPGs.

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