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The close-up of Spiffy never made it into the original game (back of box aside), but was included in the special edition. View Screenshot

A never before seen scene from the game appeared in a video posted at Mojo. It apparently shows a view of the cannibal village. View Screenshot

There are two different endings in MI1: If you sink the ship you came on, you will get a short clip of your crew being trapped in the cannibal hut at the end. If you don't sink the ship, you'll see Herman talking to himself, hoping that you didn't leave him on the island. View Screenshot

There's a cheat to win the game; press CTRL+Shift+W and you'll be taken to the credits. View Screenshot

"That's the second-biggest [insert item here] I've ever seen!" is a catch-phrase from the 60s sit-com Get Smart. View Screenshot

If you escape repeatedly and return to the cannibal village, the lock on the prison door will get increasingly more sophisticated. In the end, one of the cannibal will comment on what is the biggest mystery - how you keep escaping or why you keep coming back. View Screenshot

"Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just glad to see us?" is based on the famous "Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" line, a quote which had its origins with Mae West if folklore and urban legends are anything to go by. View Screenshot

This is C-3PO of Star Wars fame's catch phrase: "We're Doomed." View Screenshot

A skull can be seen in the clouds in the top right corner. View Screenshot

Look closely and you might see the man in the moon View Screenshot

Hang out underwater for a while, and you might get to listen in on a discussion. View Screenshot

In The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman interupts Elaine's wedding by running into the church, yelling "Elaine!" Just like Guybrush. View Screenshot

Ooooh! The Pillsbury Doughboy, the logo for the famous dough company can be seein in the SCUMM Bar kitchen. View Screenshot

Herman Toothrot, the hermit of Monkey Island, obviously got his name from the 60s pop band Herman's Hermits. View Screenshot

This alternative hunk of meat and sword icon appeared in the FM towns version, as well as on the back on the Mac box. View Screenshot

In the file on the Amiga, you can read the following: "Secret of Monkey Icon by Aaron Muszalski....G; with no help from anybody ever! (Especially not Ron Gilbert.) except: Bret Barrett (Hair,logo tweaks)....*; Ben Emmerich (Drapes... and my dishes!)....'; Thanks all! Enjoy the game. Peace......;.....; P.S. I love you Annabelle!" This is based on a LEC in-joke, started by Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman, taking credit for work without including Gilbert. In disc01.lec you can also read "Tried to complete trial twice. THIS IS BAD! Tried to complete invalid trial: THIS IS BAD!" View Screenshot

This is Spiffy the dog, and this is the only way you will see him in the game. The close-up on the back of the box was never included in any of the versions because of space issues. View Screenshot

In the cupboard you'll find some Captain Crunch cereal. Captain Crunch is a well-known American cereal. View Screenshot

Now who are these Ron, Tim and Dave people? This is from the demo. View Screenshot

The Voodoo Lady obviously has been playing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. View Screenshot

Herman is obviously a fan of Star Wars if this Princess Leia quote is anything to go by. View Screenshot

Not only your favorite website, but SCUMM is also the scripting language used for the three first Monkey Island games. It stands for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. View Screenshot

Hey, it's a Sam & Max idol! And is that Pinocchio on the right? View Screenshot

Cobb was a character in the LEC adventure game, Loom. View Screenshot

Another Indiana Jones quote! View Screenshot

Another Indiana Jones quote. View Screenshot

Somebody has been watching Indiana Jones. In the demo of MI1 you can pick this up, and be transformed into Indy. View Screenshot

Bobbin was the main character in Loom. View Screenshot

In the disk version of MI1 you could look the stump, and Guybrush would try to squeeze in there. A message would come up asking for an absurd amount of disks, all of which didn't exist. Word has it that the LEC hintline was swamped with queries about this. View Screenshot

Try to walk on the edge of this cliff for a Sierra style experience. View Screenshot

Sure, Guybrush can hold his breath for ten minutes. But what happens after that? Sudden death! View Screenshot

The guy who was in the Troll suit on the bridge, was meant to look like George Lucas. His "none shall pass" comment is probably from Monty Python. View Screenshot

Carla, the Swordmaster, was a likeness of Carla Green who was at that time in charge of Lucas Games Product Support. View Screenshot

The original closeup of Elaine in MI (where Guybrush is speechless) was supposedly based on Avril Harrison, an artist who was working for Lucas Games at the time (she also worked on the original Prince of Persia, among other things). View Screenshot

Guybrush got his name from the fact that in DPaint, the art software being used at the time, you saved palettes and other art particulars in files called "brushes", and the one for the guy who was the hero was called the "guy.brush". "Threepwood" was decided by a company contest, and was allegedly the name of Dave Grossman's RPG character.

(Other sources claim the filename was guybrush.bbm -- this may or may not be true depending on which platform the file was created on. The assumption comes from DPaint only being able to use three character file extensions, but as the Amiga actually didn't use file extensions, it could easily have been called guy.brush.) View Screenshot