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Uncharted 4 features a Guybrush painting. View Screenshot

Uncharted 4 features a Guybrush statue. View Screenshot

An early version featured silver coins, not seen in the final game. View Screenshot

A line not used in the final version of the game. View Screenshot

An early version had LeChuck's hellbent brother seeking revenge. View Screenshot

An early version had LeChuck's hellbent brother seeking revenge. His name was likely ElCarlo. View Screenshot

An early version had LeChuck's hellbent brother seeking revenge. View Screenshot

Zonker Harris is a character in Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury. View Screenshot

Did you know the Dinky Island name could sorta, kinda, but not really be found by looking at Wally's shack's door? View Screenshot

There's the top half of the LucasArts logo in this piece of concept art from Monkey Island 2 View Screenshot

According to trivia-tipper "Mel", the way Governor Phatt accidentally eats a fly is taken from a scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Belloch (Paul Fries) also accidentally swallows a fly. View Screenshot

A reference to Indy, who also hates snakes. View Screenshot

When you look in the mirror from the antique shop, Guybrush will sing "I Feel Pretty" from "West Side Story". View Screenshot

The Indiana Jones theme plays when Guybrush tries to reach Big Whoop. View Screenshot

A lot of familiar faces in the costume shop, if you keep an eye out for them. Scroll down for a screenshot of Sam & Max. View Screenshot

Painful memories from MI1. View Screenshot

Elvis makes a small apperance in the antique store. View Screenshot

Remember the cannibal's navigator head in MI1? Now you know where it came from. View Screenshot

Guybrush, of course, did a quick job at the circus in MI1. "Money, money, money" is from an ABBA song. View Screenshot

"I'll be back" was Arnie's famous line from The Terminator 2. View Screenshot

This is a reference to Casablanca where Rick says "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine." View Screenshot

Indiana Jones got the "Indiana" part from a family dog. In fact, the character was named after George Lucas' dog. View Screenshot

Guybrush wants his grog shaken, not stirred. This is the way James Bond drinks his martini. View Screenshot

The addresses Guybrush gives the librerian belongs to...

221B Baker St.: Sherlock Holmes
10 Downing St.: The British Prime Minister
1060 W. Addison: Wrigley Field
1600 Pennsylvania Av: The White House
View Screenshot

If you inhale the helium from the balloons in the underground tunneks, Guybrush will sing one of these four songs: "That's The Way (I Like It)" by KC & The Sunshine Band, "I'm A Little Bit Country" by Donnie & Marie Osmond, "Stayin' Alive" by Bee Gees, and "The Lollipop Guild" from The Wizard of Oz. View Screenshot

The feathers in LeChuck's hat are more than just feathers - they're part of a whole bird! View Screenshot

The underground tunnels are very similar to the employee only tunnels that go under Disney Land. View Screenshot

The tree house on Booty Island is similar to the Swiss Family Robinson house in DisneyLand. View Screenshot

Walt the dog was taken from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney Land. He was also named after Walt Disney. View Screenshot

The E-Ticket was the ticket that would let you ride all the cool rides at DisneyLand. View Screenshot

Bart & Fink is most likely a play on the Coen brothers movie "Barton Fink". View Screenshot

Want to win the game? Try pressing CTRL+W. View Screenshot

Some familiar looking books and authors here. View Screenshot

Classic three headed monkey joke! View Screenshot

Flashback to MI1. View Screenshot

In MI1 you could actually open the telescope. View Screenshot

Sam & Max pops up in the right corner. View Screenshot

Another reference to Star Wars, when Luke removes Darth Vader's mask. View Screenshot

Coffin with the LEC logo. View Screenshot

"Hidden" LucasArts logos. View Screenshot

Haven't you wanted to own Indy's whip? Now's your chance! View Screenshot

Remember the opening scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc? So does Guybrush obviously. View Screenshot

Chester worked for LucasArts Helpline. Disgruntled employee I'd say! View Screenshot

This is a reference to The Last Crusade. View Screenshot

This is a parody on something Obi-Wan said in Star Wars Ep. 4. View Screenshot

The "I am your brother" speech is a parody on Star Wars where Darth Vader reveals that he's Luke's father. View Screenshot

In true LucasArts fashion, you can die in MI2 if you really, really put your mind to it. Hang around in the torture chamber for too long and you'll die a horrible death. View Screenshot

This version of Stan's Used Coffin only appeared in the demo of MI2. View Screenshot

According to various previews (like Amiga Action and Amiga Power), the original MI2 storyline supposedly had LeChuck's revenge-bent brother chasing Guybrush all over the caribbean. If this was based on a mis-understanding or not is unknown. Original ads for the game also featured Guybrush in the same white shirt he wore in MI1.