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April 2001

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Monday, April 30, 2001

Friday's Chat Transcript
Posted by Emma @ 19:18 BST ( Comments 2 )
LucasArts finally have the chat transcript of Friday's chat with Sean Clark and Mike Stemmle on EMI for the PS2. You can find the log here.

Friday, April 27, 2001

EMI PS2 Chat with Sean and Mike
Posted by Emma @ 22:08 BST ( Comments 6 )
I've just come from the chat with the project leaders of EMI - Sean Clark and Mike Stemmle over at LucasArts. A great chat all in all, with The SCUMM Bar and Mixnmojo being plugged by the guys! (Thanks to some gentle persuasion from Pedgey)The guys revealed that EMI for the PS2 will include another in-game as a bonus - Monkey Invaders, and possibly EMI for other consoles, depending on how well EMI for the PS2 does. For anyone who missed the chat there should be a log up on the LucasArts web site in the next day or two.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

World of a Difference
Posted by Skyfox @ 8:05 BST ( Comments 1 )
Only just noticed that The World of Monkey Island has a whole new design.. and nice it is too. The Art is done by Paco Vink who you may remember as doing some of the more spectacular art in our Fan Art section.

Also, The World of MI offer free email addresses... awww, isn't that sweet of them... BOARD 'EM! PILLAGE! GRAB THE BOOTY! and other such pirate quotations.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

PS2 Box!
Posted by Mandalor @ 6:45 BST ( Comments 7 )
EBgames.com has just posted the box art for EMI for the Playstation 2! It promises "Pirates! Adventure! And Monkeys!" Guybrush DOES look a bit... weird though. Take a look:

Thanks to KreepyGuy3000 for the news.

Saturday, April 21, 2001

Spring break @ Monkey Island?
Posted by Mandalor @ 7:33 BST ( Comments 1 )
LucasArts.com has just put up a new poll: Where would you spend your spring break? You can vote for Monkey Island or Melee Island, plus a lot of non-MI-places... Melee Island is winning! Go vote now!

Thanks to Jeff Kubler for the news.

Friday, April 20, 2001

EMI PS2 Chat
Posted by Emma @ 22:07 BST ( Comments 6 )
LucasArts have just announced a live chat on Friday 27th where you can put forward your questions to Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark - the project leaders of EMI, regarding the upcoming release of EMI for the PlayStation 2. Join LucasArts at this event at the above date at 6pm PST.

You have to be signed up to LucasArts as a member to join the chat. You can sign up as a member here.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Boxed Up
Posted by Skyfox @ 9:49 BST ( Comments 19 )
"Aye! I saw it with me own eye! Twas at least two boxes in breadth... a mighty beast indeed! Going by the name Bounty Pack, it boasted 3 games and a shelf presence to be reckoned with! First mate Murray-Mint captured the Box Art.. aye! A fine man! I owe him a grog!" - Memoirs of Captain Skybeard, 1694

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Competition winner announced
Posted by Pedgey @ 12:24 BST ( Comments 5 )
The Silly Word Spotter competition has now come to an end, and guess what folks, WE HAVE A WINNER!
The winning entry can be found here and the winner is MORT-HOG!
Congratulations Mort-Hog!

Monday, April 9, 2001

m0rpheus and P3D and Bajakian...oh my!
Posted by Chariset @ 18:00 BST ( Comments 0 )
In honor of our beloved #monkey-island DALnet channel, we are proud to link to The Matrix according to IRC! Good clean Matrixy humor.

Plunder 3D has updated! Go to Plunder3D to see concept art and new in-game screens.

Musical Monkey Clint Bajakian has opened up his own page, www.cbstudios.com with some music samples from EMI cutscenes. Clicky.

Jonathan Acklay
Posted by Skyfox @ 17:29 BST ( Comments 4 )
TheForce.net has some news regarding the names of some creatures in Star Wars Episode 2. What does this have to do with Monkey Island I hear you cryeth! Look at the list...

Notice a familiar looking name? It is well known that George Lucas likes to name things after people he knows, just with a strange spelling. Both Jonathan Ackley (Co-Project Leader of CMI) and his wife, Casey-Donahue Ackley, have worked in LucasArts and Lucas Learning. Don't ya think that's kinda cool?? Your comments please!

Sunday, April 8, 2001

Playstation 2 EMI Preview
Posted by Skyfox @ 15:10 BST ( Comments 0 )
Gamespot UK has a preview of EMI for the Playstation 2. How will the console version fair against the PC?

One must question LucasArts' business sense, though, since the Monkey Island series' PC exclusivity up to this time means that some of the recurring characters, intended jokes, and overall flavor could be lost in a console crowd that's unfamiliar with Threepwood's previous adventures.

Sounds Funny
Posted by Skyfox @ 12:24 BST ( Comments 0 )
Soundfont Island have updated with new MP3s... including the whole of the end music to Monkey Island 2. Classic music that is well worth grabbing.

Get Down(loads)
Posted by Skyfox @ 12:06 BST ( Comments 0 )
For those who are interested... the Downloads Section is now back up and running. Almost everything is there.. but not the MP3s at the moment, will try and get that sorted soon.

Saturday, April 7, 2001

EMI Had Plot Holes?
Posted by Skyfox @ 20:06 BST ( Comments 1 )
The Legend of Monkey Island has a new feature entitled LeChuck's Life and Plot Holes of MI4. this will interest any die hard Monkey Island fan, but since i am not one.. I won't read it. Nah, ok.. so I will.. but had ya going there for a second didn't I?

New EMI Concept Art
Posted by Skyfox @ 9:08 BST ( Comments 7 )
LucasArts have (apprently) added new Concept Art from EMI to their site! The thing is.. I can't for the life of me find out where it is! I have found PS2 screenshots, but that is all... a free monkey to whoever can find the stuff! Please post it in the comments.

Thanks to GybrshThrpwd1215 for the news!

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

A New Feature Every Monday
Posted by Emma @ 18:13 BST ( Comments 0 )
The World of Monkey Island will now have a brand new feature every Monday! Each feature will be based on adventure games and Monkey Island. This weeks feature looks at the storylines which link the games together. You can read the first of many features to come here.

Source: Adventure Gamer.

Sunday, April 1, 2001

MI 5 Secret Art
Posted by Emma @ 14:20 BST ( Comments 2 )
_Muppet_ webmaster of The Clearly Unofficial EFMI Site has informed me that he managed to find some top secret MI5 concept art sketches on the LucasArts site! To see them go here.

Many thanks to _Muppet_ for this exciting news!

Monkey Island: The Movie!
Posted by Mandalor @ 8:11 BST ( Comments 5 )

I got a mail from Dom today where he mentions The Secret of Monkey Island: The Movie.

The only thing planned is (of course) the plot, and they won't reveal any of the actors until 2002 (I guess they got the idea from Lord of The Rings)...

Well, all we can do is wait and see!

I'm definately excited!!

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