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August 2001

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Thursday, August 2, 2001

Monkey Island AOL IM icon
Posted by RemiO @ 13:43 BST ( Comments 0 )
If you're an AOL Instant Messenger user, there's a Monkey Island buddy icon ready to download from this site. Thanks to Jeff Kubler for the news.

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

New SCUMM Bar Desktop theme
Posted by Pedgey @ 21:00 BST ( Comments 0 )
Following some amazing feedback (well 2 emails, but I've had a bit of time on my hands, so what the hey) I recieved about my Guybrush Desktop Wallpaper I decided to take things a bit further and make a whole desktop theme out of it.
As yet, there are no sounds, but thats for a number of reasons, but there are icons and 3 different wall papers in a veriety of resolutions.
Now the bit that you've all been waiting for... Where to get it!
The desktop theme is ONLY available here.
Download and enjoy.

More music
Posted by RemiO @ 19:09 BST ( Comments 0 )
Clint Bajakian has released the score for the huge final EMI cut scene on his website, CB Studios. Note that this is not the short 30 second version that used to be there, this is the big 7 minute kahuna.

This score is pretty dang awesome, so go download it here.

News nabbed from iMuse Island

Competition Ends...
Posted by Skyfox @ 16:16 BST ( Comments 0 )
...on the 11th August! The PS2 Competition that is. I'm a little disapointed at the lack of Lego entries, come on folks... you got two weeks! Find out all you need here.


New Highland MP3
Posted by RemiO @ 15:12 BST ( Comments 0 )
Highland has released a remix of the CMI Rollercoaster Of Death sequence. You can download the impressive sounding tune, here.

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