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September 2000

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Saturday, September 30, 2000

Here Cometh the Monkey Meetings
Posted by Skyfox @ 10:27 BST
Remember the old days with the Monkey Meetings on #monkey-island? Well, they are back... for one day only!on Saturday 7th October @ 9pm UK time (Currently BST, 4pm EST, 1pm PST... note this is an hour later than it used to be) This is the day after the EMI Demo's release and I'm sure there will be a great deal to chat about. Let the chatter... begin.

Buy EMI... Get Grim.. FREE!
Posted by Skyfox @ 9:36 BST
Just saw this over at that lovely site known as SCUMM, it seems that Amazon.com are currently taking orders for EMI and throwing a copy of Grim Fandango in... for free! Suit you sir!

Friday, September 29, 2000

LucasArts Interview and Box Art
Posted by Mandalor @ 10:23 BST
LucasArts.com announces another exclusive interview: with Sean Clark and Stemmle on the 17th of October from 6-7pm PST! (2-3am UK time) Be sure to catch it!

LucasArts har posted the official box art on their page. It's the same that was on EBworld a while ago, so, just like it. Now. I think it's pretty cool :) I know a lot of people disagree with me though :(

Demo Release Date
Posted by Mandalor @ 5:17 BST
According to www.gamestar.de the release date for the demo will be the 6th of October, and the file size will be about 130 megs.

Thanks to Christian Dreier for the news.

Thursday, September 28, 2000

GameCenter.com Recognizes EMI
Posted by invisibelle @ 3:44 BST
Escape From Monkey Island has been named one of GameCenter.com's "Ten Upcoming PC Games That Deserve Your Attention." While EMI certainly has *my* attention, I hope this short article serves to get the attention of fans of other genres of games. Thanks to Peter Miller for the news.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Posted by invisibelle @ 21:45 BST
Adventure Gamer reports that the ESRB recently rated EMI as Teen (13+), for its content: Comic Mischief, Suggestive Themes, Use of Tobacco & Alcohol. They make it sound more like a game of drunken mailbox-bashing than good old-fashioned insult arm-wrestling, but we know better. Better luck next time for all you under-13 MI fans. ;)
Thanks go to Brian Benway for the news.

Monday, September 25, 2000

Pre-ordering at Amazon.
Posted by Dingy @ 17:20 BST
I just heard that you can Pre-order EMI at Amazon , this is a option for you who has VISA or Mastercard.

Thanks Dummer Boy for the news

EMI Release date confirmed
Posted by Pedgey @ 15:34 BST
My local GAME store has confirmed the UK EMI shelf date as 17th November. By my reckoning, this means a demo will be out pretty soon, so START PRE-ORDERING!!!!

Thanks to Lee at GAME in Middlesbrough for supplying the news.

Saturday, September 23, 2000

EMI Demo!
Posted by Huz @ 15:33 BST
The demo of Monkey Island 4 should be available for download in around two weeks! Adventure Gamer give a time of 'about two weeks' according to their sources, while the Computer Games Online site specifies a date - October 6th. Unfortunately, they also warn that the demo will be a large download, and you might prefer to wait for it to appear on a magazine unless you have broadband access. They'll just happen to have the demo appearing exclusively on their December issue.

Thanks to Adventure Gamer and Remi O for digging this info up!

Friday, September 22, 2000

Married Life...
Posted by Skyfox @ 21:00 BST
New EMI screenshot at LucasArts! Guybrush adjusts to married life, not allowed any junk... but what if he needs it?!? You know he will need it right after it's thrown out... it's always the way! Thanks to Milegend.com for the news.

Monkey Madness
Posted by Mandalor @ 8:00 BST
The store on LucasArts.com is now selling Monkey Island 3 with a "Monkey Madness" CD included. This CD contains Monkey Island 1 and 2 - for $19.95. For those who still don't own those games when EMI is coming out, this is a great opportunity. Go there and see for yourself.

And, for those who are entering the contest and all that, I'm not a new updater, I'm just FortKeeper with a new nick, that's all. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2000

T&L in EMI, But What of FSAA? (Eh?)
Posted by Skyfox @ 18:48 BST ( Comments 1 )
Do you know what that topic means? If so, this news will probably interest you. According to www.nvidia.com, EMI will support Transform and Lighting. But 'so what,' I say! What is important, I think, is Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (FSAA, used to remove the jagged edges of polygons). Having played Grim Fandango using the Voodoo5 and FSAA, I can say it makes a HUGE difference to the quality of the graphics and should be great when used with EMI!

You all hate me now, don't you?

PC Gamer and the Fate of Fan Games
Posted by Huz @ 13:51 BST ( Comments 4 )
The debate over the recent 'cease and desist' orders sent out to the authors of the Legends of LeChuck and Fate of Monkey Island fan games has made it into the printed games media. The latest issue (#88) of PC Gamer UK carries a two-page article discussing the closures, even carrying an interview with the author of Legends of LeChuck, our own Narrative. Most interestingly, there's also a quote from a LucasArts PR agent, suggesting a possible change of heart in the light of fans' wrath:

LucasArts are thoroughly examining their current position on the development by fans of games derived from company-owned properties. While we're deeply concerned about the company's intellectual property and trademarks being comprimised... we understand the enthusiasm of our fans and ask them to give us time to explore this matter fully. Fans can expect further clarification of this issue in the near future.

You may view this article by following the links below. Thanks a lot to Mort-Hog for the scans!

[Page One] [Page Two]

EMI Scan
Posted by FortKeeper @ 5:27 BST ( Comments 6 )
Shawn Kling sent us this article about EMI scanned from what appears to be TIME Digital magazine. It looks kinda cool. Check out the text version here or the scan here.

New Box Art
Posted by FortKeeper @ 5:23 BST ( Comments 0 )
EBworld.com has posted this new EMI box art. Thanks to SerialFreak for the news.

Bye Bye, Dreads
Posted by FortKeeper @ 5:18 BST ( Comments 0 )
We have some sad news. Captain Dread is leaving the LucasArts community for good. He was the keeper of MegaMonkey, the Jolly Rasta and Cafe Calavera, and he's had a lot to offer the community in the past years. www.megamonkey.com

Monday, September 18, 2000

EMI Screenshots, and Lots of Them!
Posted by Narrative @ 17:13 BST ( Comments 0 )
I've just finished updating the Mixnmojo screenshots archive, and now its even bigger and better.
From a reasonable 70 screenshots, I've updated the archive to not 80, not 90, not even 100, or 110... but an incredible 127!
Find a bigger online archive of genuine EMI screenshots, and I'll eat Spaff's dog, even if he doesn't have a dog.

EMI Soundtrack Petition Going Strong
Posted by invisibelle @ 15:33 BST ( Comments 0 )
The EMI Soundtrack Petition has grown to more than 500 entries! The more signatures we receive, the more attention we'll get from LucasArts with it. It ends October 13th, so go sign it if you haven't already, s'il vous plait! :)

Answer Me, These Questions 3...
Posted by Skyfox @ 9:17 BST ( Comments 0 )
First off, thanks to Mixnmojo for their lovely Birthday posting yesterday. Secondly... would you like to win an email address similar to to yourname@thescummbar.com? Then email me with the answer to these 3 questions...

Question 1: What is your name?
Question 2: What was the very first background used on The SCUMM Bar 4 years ago?
Question 3: How many members are on the News Team?
For help on these questions I suggest you look at your birth certificate, keep an eye on Mixnmojo's 'Old Days' article, and look about this site a bit.

This was meant to be a Birthday thing... oops. Winner will be picked randomly by a monkey trainee on Sept 30th.

New EMI Wallpaper
Posted by Skyfox @ 8:53 BST ( Comments 0 )
Another great wallpaper from orlando livio garcia! I have to say, I really like this one, based on EMI... many thanks to him! I would have had this online sooner, but had FTP trouble... bah!

Sunday, September 17, 2000

Pure Magic
Posted by Huz @ 16:57 BST ( Comments 0 )
Snugglecakes over at SCUMM has posted an article entitled "The Pure Magic of the LucasArts Entertainment Company", discussing just what makes LucasArts and their games so special. The introduction should set the scene:

Ask anyone about LucasArts, and if they've ever played a LucasArts adventure, they will get a glint in their eye, a glow on their face, and drool down their T-shirt. They will then ramble on for hours about this game and that, and relive the jokes that made them laugh so much that cola came out of their noses.

Read the article here!

The SCUMM Bar is 4 Years Old Today!
Posted by Skyfox @ 12:42 BST ( Comments 0 )
Just to let you all know... The SCUMM Bar is now four years old! Awww... isn't that cute! Also, the site is going to reach one million hits any time now. Be sure to log onto #monkey-island today for a quick chat, apparently it's customary to throw eggs at me now... oh the joy!

Saturday, September 16, 2000

Part 4 of Old Days Article at Mixnmojo
Posted by Emma @ 15:28 BST ( Comments 0 )
Mixnmojo now have part four of their 'Old Days' article. This part focuses on the now closed Booty Island website. SnesGirl, who owned the site, is interviewed about it. To read the article, go here.

Friday, September 15, 2000

New EMI Poll at LEC
Posted by Emma @ 20:24 BST ( Comments 0 )
LucasArts have yet another poll. This time the poll asks,

"Which island are you looking forward to visiting the most?"
To vote in this poll, click here.

8 New Screenshots
Posted by Skyfox @ 19:01 BST ( Comments 0 )
GameSpy have a selection of 8 new screenshots from EMI. Man.. what a dull news post.. can we do something to spice this up?
Thanks go to The Legend of Monkey Island for the news!

EMI Article
Posted by FortKeeper @ 8:59 BST ( Comments 0 )
The Danish PC games magazine Incite PC Games has got an article on EMI in issue 10/2000. Well worth checking out. Thanks to Michael Corneliussen for the news. Contact him at corneliussen@wanado.dk if you can't get a copy.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Another Preview!
Posted by Pedgey @ 15:25 BST ( Comments 0 )
There is another preview of EMI available from NextGame. It includes an interview with the team, some pics (alas, no new ones...), and all in all it seems pretty cool.
Thanks to Parody for the news.

New Preview of EMI
Posted by Dingy @ 5:52 BST ( Comments 0 )
There's a preview of EMI at this address. The preview is unfortunately in Swedish, but I'm sure you'll understand it anyway. ;)
Thanks to Anton Wallén for the news.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

New EMI Screenshots
Posted by Narrative @ 18:11 BST ( Comments 1 )
GamePro.Com has a new review of EMI up. The review is nothing new, but there are several new screenshots that are definitely worth a look!
You can see them here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Gameplay Movies
Posted by Skyfox @ 17:44 BST ( Comments 0 )
Gamespot have updated their EMI Preview with 2 new gameplay movies. Unfortunately, they are streamed only and can't be downloaded to your hard drive.

UPDATE: Having just watched the movies I am disappointed to tell you that that there is nothing new about them... sorry folks!

Monday, September 11, 2000

Interview With Jonathan Ackley
Posted by invisibelle @ 19:25 BST ( Comments 0 )
The Clearly Unofficial Escape From Monkey Island Site has yet another interview, this time with Jonathan Ackley, co-project leader on "Curse of Monkey Island." He has plenty to say about CMI, other adventures that he worked on at LucasArts, and current projects as well. Kudos to _Muppet_ for a great interview.

New Concept Art at Gamespot
Posted by invisibelle @ 18:55 BST ( Comments 0 )
Six new concept sketches are available for viewing at Gamespot now. The familiar faces of Elaine, LeChuck, and Herman Toothrot are included, and we get our first really good look at some others. Thanks to Jake for the news.

Sunday, September 10, 2000

Part 3 of 'The Old Days' at Mixnmojo and New Poll
Posted by Emma @ 23:28 BST ( Comments 0 )
Mixnmojo now have part 3 of their 'The Old Days' article ready to view, so take a trip down memory lane and click here.

Also new at Mixnmojo is a new poll asking, "Elaine Marley or
Elaine Threepwood?"
So get along there to vote!

Second Part of Bill Eaken Interview at Lucasfans
Posted by Emma @ 19:20 BST ( Comments 0 )
Lucasfans have the second part of their Bill Eaken interview up, complete with concept art from The Dig. To read the second part in this exclusive interview, go here.

Do YOU Want an EMI Soundtrack?
Posted by Skyfox @ 12:32 BST ( Comments 0 )
If your answer is yes, then sign our EMI Soundtrack Petition. We have decided that we need to let LucasArts know we would like a soundtrack... and this is your chance as a fan to help! All credit goes to telarium for setting this up... cheers, mate!

Saturday, September 9, 2000

Official Release Date?
Posted by FortKeeper @ 4:45 BST ( Comments 1 )
According to www.rungames.com, EMI's official release date will be the 15th of November. Thanks to oystein for the news.

Friday, September 8, 2000

How Inventory in EMI Will Be Combined
Posted by Emma @ 23:41 BST ( Comments 0 )
LucasArts have the answer to the question "How is it possible to combine objects in Monkey Island using a Grim Fandango-like inventory?" at their 'Ask The Team' section of the site. To see the answer, click here.

Five New Screenshots
Posted by Emma @ 23:22 BST ( Comments 0 )
LucasArts have 5 new EMI screenshots for your viewing pleasure. This time they include one of LeChuck, one of Guybrush diving, and a shot of Guybrush looking rather baffled in Starbuccaneers, among others. To see these new screenshots, go to http://www.lucasarts.com

GameSpot Preview
Posted by Skyfox @ 21:05 BST ( Comments 0 )
The GameSpot EMI Preview is finally online. It appears to tell you a LOT... so you've been warned. New images are also included. I was kinda hoping for a new movie or something... ahh, well.

Quiz #18
Posted by Skyfox @ 20:32 BST ( Comments 0 )
Just uploaded is Quiz 18. Once again this quiz is by Emma... and once again I did not do well at it! I scored 5/10, go see how well you do.

Official Chat Logs
Posted by Huz @ 14:05 BST ( Comments 0 )
LucasArts have posted the official chat logs from both days of the chat with their president, Simon Jeffery, at their site. There's not really a lot of new EMI information to be found amongst the answers, but the logs are interesting to read nonetheless.

EMI Demo and MI Remix mp3
Posted by FortKeeper @ 7:40 BST ( Comments 1 )
As we are all anxiously awaiting for the EMI demo to be released, better check out Gamespot. According to them, the demo will be released tomorrow. Also, a new Monkey Island remix mp3 is released; download it from http://remix.overclocked.org. Thanks to Alan Bly and Squid Kid for the news.

Update: It appears that this will not be a demo and just an extensive Preview. Check out the Mixnmojo Board for the latest gossip!

Page Problems
Posted by Skyfox @ 7:40 BST ( Comments 0 )
Some of you have noticed the page may have been acting up recently... this was due to a server change and the CGI scripts not liking it. All is now fixed, and, rest assured, those responsible will be found and flogged!

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Michael Land to Do EMI Music?
Posted by Skyfox @ 17:55 BST ( Comments 0 )
First off... Welcome to Micromania, readers! Now onto business... http://www.adventuregamer.com has news concerning the composer of EMI. They say Michael Land will be working as a freelance composer together with Clint Bajakian. We await word from LucasArts!

Chat Log
Posted by Skyfox @ 14:52 BST ( Comments 0 )
Mixnmojo have put up a log of the Chat with Simon Jeffery, remember the chat is continued later tonight! Here is the one question that will most interested you sequel loving monkeys.

Murray_2: Is there any chance of a Monkey Island 5?
I would say there was strong possibility if enough people buy Monkey Island 4.

LEC President Chat Moved
Posted by FortKeeper @ 13:17 BST ( Comments 1 )
The Simon Jeffery chat last night was canceled because of technical problems. It will be held tonight at 4 pm PST instead. So for those who couldn't reach it last night, there's still a chance.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Don't Forget the Chat
Posted by Skyfox @ 15:23 BST ( Comments 0 )
Just a quick reminder about the chat with LucasArts President Simon Jeffery. it is today at 7pm PST. (Which is 3am UK time, I think... so don't kill me if I have that wrong.)

Monday, September 4, 2000

Mixnmojo 'Old Days' Article Part 2
Posted by FortKeeper @ 16:11 BST ( Comments 1 )
Yes, Mix and Mojo has just posted part two of the article on "the old days". This one is all about animated gifs. Wether you liked the first one or not, this is definately worth to check out for nostalgia. Go to http://www.mixnmojo.com/mixnmojo/features/olddays2.shtml and see for yourself.

Saturday, September 2, 2000

The Good Old Days
Posted by Skyfox @ 14:12 BST ( Comments 0 )
Mixnmojo has posted the start of an article entitled The Old Days. Having been here from the start, I found this a welcome reminder! If you were not about the community around the year 1066... I'm sure you will find this interesting reading also.

Friday, September 1, 2000

Supreme Evil Competition
Posted by Huz @ 22:54 BST ( Comments 2 )
That heading seems a little overdramatic, on reflection.

Anyway, LucasArts have also posted a neat little Monkey Island competition on their site. He (or she) who can create a nifty Windows Media Player 7 skin will receive a copy of some little-known forthcoming adventure game known as Monkey Island 4, together with a baseball cap emblazoned with the LucasArts logo.

Of course, for some reason it's open to US residents only (they're not that generous with paying those shipping costs, then). The competition is also void in Florida for some even more obscure reason. And if you're in Puerto Rico, don't even think about it. See the official contest rules.

And here's the obligatory link. Enjoy if you can.

New EMI Screenshot
Posted by Emma @ 22:00 BST ( Comments 2 )
Again, LEC have put up a new screen shot on their website as screen shot of the week. This time it shows Guybrush looking out a window of an unknown room. Go to http://www.lucasarts.com to find out more. Here are a couple of fan comments from #monkey-island.

"This is the only MI4 screenshot that comes close to looking as good as the previous games." - Flirbnic

"that looks as if its inside the monkey head" - GregD

Dial a Monkey
Posted by Skyfox @ 14:04 BST ( Comments 0 )
The Legend of Monkey Island have got something I have wished would turn up for a while now... Monkey Island ringtones for mobile phones! Well, the codes for them anyway... only for Siemens and Ericsson though.

Saw this news over at Mixnmojo.

Mi2 Style Maps?
Posted by Skyfox @ 13:12 BST ( Comments 0 )
GameSpot UK have a section with 8 Screenshots. Most I had seen before... apart from the last one. The map looks very realistic, much like the ones used in MI2.

Bill Eaken Interview
Posted by FortKeeper @ 10:59 BST ( Comments 0 )
LucasFans has just posted an exclusive interview with Bill Eaken, who worked as an illustrator at LucasArts for years. The interview includes a look at his past career and some rare artwork. Be sure to check it out: http://lucasfans.adventuregamer.com/features/interview_billeaken.html

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