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October 2000

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Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Australian Release Date
Posted by Emma @ 1:47 GMT
This time the Australian EMI release date is being confirmed as the 6th of November.
Gamesmarket are the source of this information.

Monday, October 30, 2000

Spanish EMI Release Date
Posted by Emma @ 14:57 GMT
This time all you Spaniards get to find out when EMI is being released in a computer store near you! EMI is set for release in Spain on the 24th of November. Be sure to reserve your copy!

Thanks go to Vacacionero for this news.

Saturday, October 28, 2000

Brazilian Release Date for EMI
Posted by Emma @ 22:23 BST
For all you Brazilian Monkey Island fans out there, the release date has been confirmed for release for the 15th of November

For confirmation of this you may wish to read about it here .

Thanks go to
Gabriel Moser Torres
for this news.

EMI release dates
Posted by Mandalor @ 8:21 BST
There will be some difference in the release dates.
But anyway, those are the current known release dates:

USA: 6th of November
Europe: 17th of November

Got release dates for anywhere else? E-mail us at the link above!

Friday, October 27, 2000

LEC SIte Update
Posted by Emma @ 21:28 BST
LucasArts have updated their site. This includes a new poll asking

" Which LucasArts character do you think would make the best Halloween costume?"

There is also an article on EMI going gold on the site. Ready to view!

Gamespot Article on EMI Going Gold
Posted by Emma @ 19:16 BST
Gamespot now has an article on EMI going gold, complete with yet more new screenshots! To read the article and view the screenshots go here.

Part 2 of Dominic Armato Interview
Posted by Emma @ 18:20 BST
Part 2 of the Dominic Armato interview is now ready for viewing at the Monkey Center webpage.
If you have not yet read the first part of this interview. Just click on this link here. Part 3 is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Back Box Barnicle Bait
Posted by Skyfox @ 9:59 BST
Just saw this over at the groovy looking Mixnmojo (you have seen the new look, right?) Amazon have updated their EMI Screenshot section with what looks like the back of the EMI box. It not only shows Guybrush in a Kung Fu like stance (Someone has been watching The Matrix me thinks) it also shows that a Walkthrough will be given away free.

The Golden Monkey!
Posted by Skyfox @ 9:47 BST
Monkey Island 4 has gone Gold according to the LucasArts newsletter. Whooop! Expected in stores the week of November 6th in the US. This is it people... everyone remain calm!

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Interview with Dominic Armato at Monkey Center page
Posted by Emma @ 15:23 BST
The Monkey Center webpage has an interview with Dominic Armato who, incase you didn't know already, is the voice of Guybrush. To view part 1 of this article go here.
In this interview Dom speaks about a number of different things, ranging from himself to how he got the part as Guybrush. So go read it now!

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Mixnmojo Boards Back Online
Posted by Skyfox @ 8:07 BST
Just a quick note to say that the Mixnmojo Message Boards are back online, this includes the Monkey Island one.... 'Whoop!' as they say.

Sunday, October 22, 2000

EMI Characters
Posted by Skyfox @ 13:10 BST
The Clearly Unofficial EMI Site has added a nice new section showing off all the Characters that we know will feature in EMI so far. It even has pictures... we like pictures, don't we?

Saturday, October 21, 2000

SCUMM Bar Mentioned
Posted by Skyfox @ 16:27 BST
GamePen recently did an artical called The Grumpy Old Man of Gaming. It is basically more about LEC closing down fan games and mentions our own Matt Shaw. But in a reply from LucasArts PR they mention both thescummbar.com and mixnmojo.com! Nice!

Unfortunatly they state the URL as scummbar.com and not thescummbar.com... doh!

Not As Elaine
Posted by Skyfox @ 15:47 BST
The LucasArts site has been updated with couple of new EMI related things. There is a new poll in the MI4 Section asking 'Who was your favorite character in the Demo?' Next up there is a new Ask the Team question. This puts an end to the 'we can play as Elaine' rumour.

Friday, October 20, 2000

I'm Selling These Fine Sweatshirts...
Posted by Skyfox @ 14:55 BST
*Skyfox puts on his Stan outfit*
The LucasArts Store has an Official Monkey Island Sweatshirt available to buy, costing only $29.95! Did I mention I REALLY want one of these?

Posted by Skyfox @ 13:47 BST
Some of you may have noticed some unusual goings on at The SCUMM Bar recently (and no, I don't mean my writing style) Due to moving severs and teething troubles the URL thescummbar.com has had to be changed to one hosted by mixnmojo.com. This is only Temporary. Also news from the last few days has been lost... where's my cutlass? Arrrr!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Clark and Hookbeard chat... over
Posted by Skyfox @ 22:05 BST
The LucasArts chat with Sean Clark and Michael 'Hookbeard' Stemmle is now over. A log will probably be available at the LucasArts within a few days.

"You can use your mouse, it just won't do anything"

Plunder, Plunder...
Posted by Skyfox @ 16:56 BST
The Plunder3D site has an update.. here is a small snippet.

Then last week something changed, the Escape from Monkey Island demo was released. An incredible demo with sumptuous visuals and that old 'Monkey Island' feel, which had appealed to everyone so much in the previous games. This was the catalyst for me to start emailing all the staff members asking who was in who was out.

Remember the Chat!
Posted by Skyfox @ 16:38 BST
Just a reminder of the chat with EMI project leaders Michael Stemmle and Sean Clark tonight at 6pm PST (9pm EST, 2am UK Time)

Drink coasters
Posted by Mandalor @ 8:58 BST
Here is a scan of the EMI drink coaster that Electronic Boutique was giving away. The "monkeyaround.com" is, sadly, nothing else than the LucasArts Monkey Island 4 site. Well, the coaster's cool anyway :)

Thanks to Henry/Brian Kidd for scanning.

Spanish insults
Posted by Mandalor @ 8:51 BST
As the insults from the English version of the EMI demo were put up, why shouldn't the Spanish ones be listed too? They are up now, and you can find them at http://espanol.escapemi.com. Thanks to Claudio Alonso for the news.

Sunday, October 15, 2000

Posted by Mandalor @ 11:37 BST
There is a petition at PlanetPirate.com to get LucasArts to ship games from their online store outside the US.
All Europeans, go there and sign! :)

Thanks to Tom Barnard for the news.

Another preview...
Posted by Mandalor @ 11:35 BST
There's a great preview of EMI up on FiringSquad, that includes a write up on how it compares to previous Monkey Island games in the quality of voice acting, the visuals and the level of humour in them generally. Definately worth to check out!

Thanks to David for the news.

Saturday, October 14, 2000

Officcial EMI troubleshooter
Posted by Mandalor @ 17:52 BST
Although we made our own and it works just as good, LucasArts has just put up their own. Not that it is helpful, but check it out if you want...

Thanks to Joel for the news.

New Stemmle and Clark chat!
Posted by Mandalor @ 17:48 BST
There is another chat with Stemmle and Clark at Tuesday the 17th of October at 6 pm PST. Great for those who missed the first one.

Thanks to Timothy for the news.

MAC... thingy.
Posted by Mandalor @ 4:37 BST
Inside Mac Games has SOMETHING on the porting of EMI onto the mac. You'd better check it out for yourself...

"...Westlake is "unofficially" announcing that they will responsible for the port of LucasArts' Escape from Monkey Island, to be published by Aspyr Media..."

Go to http://www.insidemacgames.com/news/story.php?ArticleID=1173 and see for yourself.

Posted by Mandalor @ 4:32 BST
Bent Tenfjord has written down all twelve of the insults used in the insult arm wrestling against Ignatius Cheese in the EMI demo. They can be found at The Monkey Center.

Friday, October 13, 2000

Last Day to Sign!
Posted by Skyfox @ 22:31 BST
Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to sign our EMI Soundtrack Petition. We have almost hit 900 signatures, so if you have yet to sign it... please do!

More EMI screens
Posted by Mandalor @ 6:01 BST
Gamespy has posted even more EMI screenshots... check them out at http://www.gamespy.com/news/october00/monkey/ . We've seen half of the game before playing it!

Thanks to the Frightener for the news.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Play The Movie!
Posted by Skyfox @ 16:12 BST
You guys are gonna love this! Download the binker & smacker software from radgametools.com, install it. Then rename the the intro.lab to intro.bik, launch the file.. and you can watch it outside the game, even convert it to AVI, MPG, whatever!

Many thanks to [New comics]Benjy for this useful bit of Info! Here's to hoping it works in the full game too.

#monkey-island homepage
Posted by Skyfox @ 15:52 BST
No longer will you have to put up with a never updated IRC section... #monkey-island now has a whole site dedicated to it. It looks great, Murray has done a great job. Go see, and if you have never visited #monkey-island before... now, with the release of EMI soon, is a good time.

Gameplay Footage
Posted by Skyfox @ 15:16 BST
monkeyislandiv.de have an exclusive 33meg MPEG showing off gameplay footage from EMI, mainly of Lucre Island. The site is in German... just look for the file called monkey6.mpg.

Sunday, October 8, 2000

Demo Troubleshooter/FAQ
Posted by Huz @ 18:29 BST
A lot of people have been experiencing problems with the Escape From Monkey Island demo. In the absence of anything official from LucasArts (yet), we've put together a small troubleshooter of our own. The solutions aren't guaranteed to work, but there's bound to be something you can try in there. Read the troubleshooter here, and feel free to contribute if you feel you have anything to add. Thanks!

Spanish and French Demos Up
Posted by Mandalor @ 10:16 BST
The EMI demo is released in Spanish too.
You can download it at http://www.electronicarts.es/monkey4/demo1.zip

The medium and the small demos are the same url, just replace "demo1" with "demo2" or "demo3".

The French demo is available from http://www.puissancepc.com/t/gen/demo392.html .

Thanks to Claudio and Vincent for the news.

EMI for the Mac?
Posted by Huz @ 5:50 BST
LucasMacs are reporting that a software developer has been contracted to port Escape from Monkey Island over to the Mac. If this is true, EMI will be the first LucasArts adventure to go across since The Dig. Check out LucasMacs for the full story!

Saw this news at Mixnmojo. Arr.

Saturday, October 7, 2000

More Demo Tweakings
Posted by Skyfox @ 12:31 BST
I got an interesting email from the devil chicken, ElPolloDiablo. 'Cluck, cluck, squark, gnash, roar' he said... roughly translated this meant that you can tweak a few features in the EMI demo (including Mario Mode) by following these steps.

Find the efmi.cfg file in the save directory. Edit this using notepad and change the following values as you see fit.

musvolume: Music volume
sfxvolume: Sound effects volume
voice_effects:Turn on voice. 1 is on. 0 is off.
vocvolume: Voice volume
speech_mode: Speech mode. 1 is text only. 2 is voice only. 3 is both.
textspeed: Text speed
auto_run_enabled: Autorun. 1 is on. 0 is off.
transcript: Transcipt. Not sure what this is.
double_tap_enabled: Not sure about this one either.
joystick_enabled: Joystick. 1 is on. 0 is off.
mario_mode: Mario mode, up is up, left is left etc. 1 is on. 0 is normal.
gamma: Gamma. Not sure how this works.

Burrit0 sent in these other undocumented options.
Undocumented Hotkeys:

Strg+M -Movement Modes
Alt+Q -Exit-Menu
Alt+X -Exit-Menu
O -Open the Map

Command line options of "monkey4.exe":

-cd -start EMI without the launcher
-t -write the "Escape From Monkey Island Dialog Transcript" to
-fps -???
-cdf -???
-l -??? (error)
-w -window mode
-gl -OpenGL mode

Remember, Remember, the.. erm, Chat Tonight
Posted by Skyfox @ 11:02 BST
Remember, there is a one-off Monkey Meeting at #monkey-island tonight at 9pm UK time (4pm EST, 1pm PST) We will be discussing EMI and the recently released demo... you do know about the demo, right?

Monkey Music in MP3
Posted by Skyfox @ 9:49 BST
A very cool bit of info here for you people obsessed with Monkey Island music: the EMI demo uses MP3s for music. Just rename the .lab files in the music to .mp3 and you will be able to listen to the music in any MP3 player. Info spotted over at Adventure Gamer. Whoop!


So you want to hear the music but are too lazy to download the demo, eh? Shame on you! Luckily for the likes of you, Monkey Island Inside (a German fan site) have uploaded the music files for your enjoyment. Find them on the page under 'EMI Musik'!

Friday, October 6, 2000

LEC EMI Site... Update
Posted by Skyfox @ 16:34 BST
LucasArts have updated their Escape from Monkey Island page with a whole new look and, of course, the demo. For links to other sites with the demo, see below. (Say 'Hi' to Timmy for me!)

EMI Demo.. Online
Posted by Skyfox @ 14:26 BST
This is it, my fellow monkey minions! The EMI Demo is here... CDmag are the first to have it. There is a big demo, medium demo, small demo and the intro cinematic. You know you are getting the full 120 meg demo, so don't deny it! Go and download... NOW!

  • LucasArts.com
  • CDmag.com
  • European Mirror
  • mixnmojo.com
  • 3dfiles.com
  • CNet Downloads
  • Gamespot
  • Avault.com (French version)
  • PuissancePC.com (French Version)
  • Electronic Arts Spain (Spanish Version)

    Adventure Gamer are also maintaining a list of mirror sites, as well as mirroring the file themselves.

    One More Week!
    Posted by invisibelle @ 12:28 BST
    The EMI Soundtrack petition ends in one week, so if you haven't signed it already, your time is running out! Go! Hurry! :)

    More Ads
    Posted by Mandalor @ 8:52 BST
    LucasArts are really going big on ads this time. Just check out this ad from the US version of PC gamer...

    Thanks to Netmonkey for the news.

    For All You Germans...
    Posted by Mandalor @ 8:44 BST
    As CMI was "dubbed" to German, and the voice actors were very talented in the German version too, here are some good news for all you Germans: The voice cast will be the same as in CMI. This information was found by Jens Vogel on www.gamestar.de

    Thursday, October 5, 2000

    Another Clark and Stemmle Interview
    Posted by invisibelle @ 23:08 BST
    GameSlice has posted an interview with Escape from Monkey Island co-producers Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark. In this interview, they discuss the game's story, moving the Monkey Island universe to 3D, and even suggest Guybrush's name as a write-in for President.
    Thank you to Geoffrey Keighley for the news.

    EMI Review
    Posted by Mandalor @ 11:51 BST
    There is some German EMI "beta-review" on www.monkeyislandiv.de. It has got some movies and 80 new screenshots. They're supposed to be new. Better check them out, at least if you speak German!

    More Snacks!
    Posted by Mandalor @ 11:44 BST
    Just as we got the news on the refridgerator magnets, I got to know that Electronic Boutique is giving out free EMI drink coasters. Looks like LucasArts are going BIG on ads... :)

    LucasArts EMI Pre-offer!
    Posted by invisibelle @ 4:46 BST
    LucasArts has announced its preorder offer: A signature edition game box, and a collectible magnet.
    The debate goes on about preordering. Shipping from LucasArts is free in the US, so you're paying the same price and having it delivered to you, complete with extra goodies. I think it's worth risking the possibility of a couple days' wait!

    Tuesday, October 3, 2000

    Stemmle and Clark interview
    Posted by Pedgey @ 4:45 BST
    The U.S. Daily Radar page has an interview with Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark, which includes some info on the cast, and a few more gems as far as the gameplay is concerned.

    Thanks to Sean Kennedy for the news.

    Monday, October 2, 2000

    Larry Ahern Interviewed
    Posted by Skyfox @ 18:42 BST
    Those nice chaps over at lechuck.escapemi.com (well, chap actually) have scored another exclusive interview. This time it is with Larry Ahern, co-project leader on CMI. Larry talks about animation, work at LucasArts and ordering plenty buckets of chicken for CMI!

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