April 1998

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27th April 1998 - I don`t believe it!
Stan's Previously Owned Downloads has a new Midi thanks to the talent of Tom Lewandowski from QuestStudios. Available in GM and MT-32 midi formats.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the SCUMM Bar at www.worldcharts.com, we are now at 3rd place!

Erm.. almost forgot to mention that The LucasArts Database has another Interview with Dominc Armato! Don`t forget Dom also joins us on IRC every now and then!

21st April 1998 - Monkey Sections! (eeewww?)
Quite a few new things today... first up are sections based on Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2.

Secondly, there was an article about the 'Death of the Adventure Game' in the latest PC Zone games magazine. I thought it was quite interesting so I have copied most of it and put it on a page for your convenience and veiwing pleasure. Erm... You can read it here.

Finally, thanks to all the people who voted for the SCUMM Bar at www.worldcharts.com, we are now running at 7th place! Once again.. Thank you!

17th April 1998 - CMI Cast List.. and the movie one!
I`ve added the cast list of CMI to the CMI Section. This includes links to the Internet Movie Database which gives you information about what other projects the actor/actress has done.

Remember the SOMI Movie cast list Poll from all that time ago? Well, I`ve finally put the results up. There were so many entires that I`ve only put ones that I thought were best or had the most votes.

At www.worldcharts.com the SCUMM Bar has moved up from #18 to #12. Excuse me while I let loose a big grin *G* Ok, onward... if you would like vote for this site, just click here or click the Button at the bottom left of the news section. Thanks!

Instead of using GIFs for the Text in the bottom Table... I`ve now used the Africaans SF font, this should help with loading times. I recommend you download and install it to make the page look best.

By the way.. while I was doing this update, I was listening to 'The DIG' Audio CD by Michael Land and I thought that I`d just say 'BUY IT!!' The atmosphere! At the moment.. I`m hooked on Track 6 :-)

13th April 1998 - Holy Monkey Bladders!
Sorry, couldn`t think of a decent description... so when all else fails, use the monkey bladders line :-) Anyway, a few aesthetic changes about the site and two new sections. The Interviews section and the Monkey island 4 info section. Don`t get excited, Monkey 4 hasn`t been announced... but after all the great debates at the Posting Zone I figured it would be good to have a place where we can put any MI4 rumours should they ever start to show up.

Meanwhile, you could all go and sign the Monkey Island 4 Petition located at Plunder Island. I know it's too soon to expect LucasArts to start on MI4, but it would be nice if you would sign it anyway.

12th April 1998 - "There's a MPEG in my Pocket..."
Well, three MPEGs actually. Stan's Previously Owned Downloads now has three new MP3s.

The LucasArts Database has now given me permission to add the Monkey Island Winamp Skin to Stan's Previously Owned Downloads.

11th April 1998 - SCUMM Bar at World Charts
At www.worldcharts.com, someone noticed that The SCUMM Bar (that's this page, just in case you didn`t know!) was lying at #18 in the Top 100 Homepages. I couldn`t help but feel a little chuffed about that :-) Anyway, would you monkeys be so kind as to add a few more votes for the SCUMM Bar in the Top 100 Homepages section. Thank you :-)

LucasFans also appears in the Top 100 Homepages at #58. So why note vote for that too while your there!

6th April 1998 - The Monkeys Stole my MP3s!!
The MP3s at Stan's Previously Owned Downloads have been gone for a while... but today they make a welcome return. There are also two new tunes to download, the 'Ghost Pirate Dance' and the Monkey Island 2 Title Music taken directly from the Amiga Version. Enjoy!

5th April 1998 - Dominic Armato's Homepage and More midis
Dominic Armato has announced that his Homepage is ready to be seen! So you can now read all about the man who's voice brought Guybrush Threepwood to life!

Stan's Previously Owned Downloads has also been updated with a few new Midis thanks to QuestStudios. Stan also has a some CMI music recreated in Midi format by Telarium and Peter Silk.

4th April 1998 - Downloads are Back!
Yep.. you read it right, Stan's Previously Owned Downloads is back in full working order. Well, there are a few MP3 links missing.. but I`ll have that fixed ASAP. A few new Midis will be available tommorrow!

The World of Monkey Island has an Interview with Dominic Armato, so head on over there. Also, don`t forget to read the #monkey-island IRC Chat logs of when Dom visited the Channel!

3rd April 1998 - I apologise :)
Yes.. I must first apologise for the awfull April Fools Joke... sorry, I couldn`t resist! But I tried to make it so someone who had played the game would realise that you don`t have the Umbrella on Plunder Island. Please, no more hate mail ;-)

Ok, onto business... only a few minor changes about the site. I should have the downloads section back up and running properly very soon.

The LucasArts Database has a Monkey Island Skin for the Winamp MP3 player. I don`t have permission to put it on the SCUMM Bar... so head on over there and get it!

1st April 1998 - CMI UHS file
I`ve added the CMI UHS (Universal Hint System) to Herman Toothrot's Philosophical Hints.

Also, did you know that using the Umbrella in CMI with the drain pipe on Plunder Island causes Guybrush to break out into song with "Singing in the Rain"? Cool Eh ;-)

Well it has to be before 12pm 'somewhere' in the world!

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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