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April 2000

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30th April 2000 Details, Details
EMI points
Narrative has put together all the EMI / MI4 points from the Dominic Armato Chat. So if you were not there and can`t be bothered reading the log... then read this!

  • Dom shall return as the voice of Guybrush
  • Dom was told about its production in about April last year
  • LeChuck will return
  • LeChuck is only a part of the main plot
  • Earl Boen shall return to do the voice of LeChuck
  • The ending should be much longer than CMI's and is left open, which leaves a good chance for more games
  • Some characters from mi1 & mi2 will be back, including ones who have never been voiced
  • All the cutscene voices were recorded in November
  • The dialogue is to be similiar as to the humour of mi1 & mi2
  • Sean Clark and Mike Stemmle are the project leaders
  • Many voices from CMI shall return, althought some have been re-cast
  • The plot about LeChuck shall be a bit more complicated than in previous games
  • Elaine shall have a much stronger part in EMI
  • Denny Delk shall return as the voice of Murray
  • Its production is currently on scheudle for Fall 2000
  • Dom shall appear at E3
  • Some vocal talent will be recorded in Australia, as there is a Australian character
  • For some of the cutscenes, Dominic Armato worked with 2 new voices and 1 old
  • Michael Land shall return to do the music for EMI
  • The length of the game is similiar, if not slighty bigger, than CMI
  • Dom has worked on a few other LucasArts titles that aren't released yet
  • The end of production LucasArts parties are legandery!
  • 29th April 2000 Dom talks
    Dom at #monkey-island
    Tonight saw Dominic Armato (the Voice of Guybrush Threepwood) joining #monkey-island. It was an amazing success! 99 people (yes.. ninety-nine) showed up for the chat. Want to know what Dom had to say about MI4? Read the Edited log!

    Here are a few bits from the chat:

    <_Dom_> we did the cutscenes in November, and we're starting the interactive script next week.

    <_Dom_> I know Murray's going to be back...

    <_Dom_> ...my first impression [of the script] was that it was more like the first two...

    Thanks to Dom for taking the time to chat to us about EMI!

    Many thanks to all the Ops who helped run the chat and especially Huz who saved the day with his scripts!

    Thanks also to everyone who showed up... we know not everyone was happy with the way it worked, but with so many people online we felt it was the best way.

    27th April 2000 Dom Chat (I hope)
    Yesterday was a truly good day... not only was there an amazing chat at #monkey-island, (42 people at one point) the SCUMM Bar received almost 3000 hits in one day. That beats the old record by 1200! Thanks to all!

    Dom at #monkey-island
    For those who are interested in meeting Dominic Armato (the Voice of Guybrush Threepwood), he will most likely be joining #monkey-island on Saturday 29th April at 11.00am PST (7pm UK, 2pm EST). Hopefully he will be able to tell us something of MI4. If he doesn`t make it, don`t blame me! But if you have never been able to catch Dom on IRC, now will be a good time to try.

    LucasFans Interviews David Fox
    LucasFans have interviewed David Fox, he was one of the founding members of Lucasfilm Games in 1982 and a long-time employee for the company. He played a key role in creating classic LucasArts titles such as Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken. An interview worth reading!

    26th April 2000 Escape from Monkey Island!
    MI4 officialy announced!
    The LEC E3 site has been updated with lots of info about MI4! We now have a name for it... "Escape from Monkey Island". It is due Fall 2000, this is what part of the Press Release says:
    Escape from Monkey Island finds Guybrush and his new bride, Governor Elaine Marley-Threepwood, returning to Melee Island‘ from their honeymoon. They quickly discover Elaine has been declared dead, the Governorís mansion is scheduled for demolition, and the slick, yet hauntingly familiar politician, Charles L. Charles, is gunning for her job.
    Also, be sure to watch the flash intro at the main LucasArts site!

    Download: Playable MI4 Flash Intro (504 Kb) Thanks to Sopabuena

    25th April 2000 Remember the 26th!
    Tommorrow is the day that MI4 is officially announced... keep an eye on the LEC E3 site.

    MI4 Screenshot
    A few may have figured all this out already... but I`m gonna mention it anyway. In the MI4 screenshot the building IS the Melee Island Governors Mansion, the guy in red IS Guybrush Threepwood and that IS a catapult. But why is it facing the mansion? We shall have to wait and see!

    Melee Island for Q3 Beta 1.1
    The Melee3D website has been updated with a new version. This is what the Melee3D team had to say about this latest release for the Quake3 level:

    We have now released beta 1.1 of our map. It includes many new features including Bot support, weapons placed throughout the level and our long awaited and much underhyped music.

    Melee3D Team

    21st April 2000 Who is making MI4?
    MI4 Project Leaders
    The World of Monkey Island have word that the Project Leaders on MI4 are Michael J. Stemmle and Sean Clark. Both worked on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Sam and Max. Sean Clark also worked on The DIG and Mike Stemmle has worked On Rebel Assault 2 and Afterlife.

    18th April 2000 Wish upon a Monkey
    MI4 Wishlist
    Mixnmojo has a new section on Monkey Island 4. It includes a MI4 prediction and wish list by Narrative.

    17th April 2000 If you squint...
    Skull in MI4 Shot
    Skull This is the great part about having just a single screenshot of MI4, people start analysing it for as much info as they can. Murray_2 thinks he has found a Skull on the catapult (we think it's a catapult anyway). It's easy to spot if you tilt your head and squint. For an animation pointing it out, go here.

    New Plunder 3D shots
    Plunder 3D (Plunder Island Level for Half Life) has been updated with screenshots of the Puerto Pollo bridge. Well worth a look!

    That MI4 Shot
    I forgot to mention this news earlier... but AdventureGamer had some news as to the origin of the MI4 screenshot.

    The picture was scanned from a promotional card and the full text reads: "As long as there are new worlds to discover... We'll take you there."

    14th April 2000 MI4 again
    More about MI4 at E3
    Just a quick update... LucasArts have updated their E3 Section. Place the mouse over the 4.26.00 button and it says "New Game Announcement", but most interesting is the CMI like clouds behind the date. Could this mean we have only 12 days to wait until the Official word on MI4?

    Also, Sumez would like to get everyones thoughts on the MI4 screenshot all in one place... so check out The MI4 Board.

    12th April 2000 This IS it!
    MI4 Official!
    After months of rumours and guessing... we now know for sure that Monkey Island 4 is in development! GameSpot has an article confirming MI4 and even has a screenshot!

    Thanks to everyone who emailed me with this news! Now this is the most fun part, seeing what details of the game we can find!

    11th April 2000 Is this it?
    MI4 at E3!
    Once again, news from the amazing Mixnmojo! Well-Rounded.com has news that LucasArts will announce MI4 at E3.

    LucasArts of late has become little more than a Star Wars gaming company, but that's set to change at this year's E3. Sources tell WRE that the company plans to introduce the fourth in its line of Monkey Island games in May, news that's bound to set off ripples of excitement among adventure gaming fans.

    The last installment of the series, The Curse of Monkey Island, was released in late 1997, following on the heels of Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuckís Revenge. Little is known about the new game, but you can expect it to once again be a graphical adventure, featuring Guybrush, LeChuck and the rollicking humor the series has become known for.

    To see the full article go to Well Rounded Entertainment.

    10th April 2000 Sorry!
    First, let me apologise for the April Fools joke... judging from the number of emails I got on the subject, I seems to have scared a few of you. Although MI4 has not been cancelled... we don`t actually know for sure that it is even being made yet! Also, many thanks to MrMutton for the fake Ron Gilbert interview!

    SCUMM Bar Quiz #16
    Time for another new quiz! This latest quiz was kindly created by emma4kel.

    PC Gamer and MI4
    Just saw this over at Mixnmojo, not much... but worth mentioning.

    Back in our February issue we stated that Tim Schafer, ex-LucasArts adventure guru, was working on the script for the fourth Monkey Island series. Unfortuantly, this news came as a complete surprise to him and we'd just like to state that our sources were evidently unreliable. Since the article, Tim Schafer has left LucasArts to form his own team. Details on Monkey Island 4, still to be officially announced, are speculative at best. Sorry about that Tim.
    Monkey Stuff
    The Legend of Monkey Island has a few new extras available to download, includinga Screen Saver, Winamp Skin and animated gifs.

    1st April 2000 APRIL FOOLS JOKE
    Monkey 4 Cancelled!
    Well that's it, Monkey Island 4 has been cancelled. A LucasArts spokesman, Mr Will Cellout, had these words to say about the cancellation:
    "LucasArts have decided to become a one game company... resources from these lesser game would be better spent on improving Ultima Online.. erm, I mean Star Wars Online. MI4 would have been good, but we need to look to Online games for the future. Star Wars Online is due soon, and Star Wars Online 2 is well into production. We have also started work on Star Wars Online 3 which will be targeted at the casual gamer."
    In case you are wondering... I`m upset at Origin for canceling the Wing Commander games. :-)

    New Ron Gilbert Interview!
    A brand new Interview with Ron Gilbert was recently printed in a magazine... well worth reading as it has lots of info and even mentions MI4! Read it here!

    LeChuck turns Vegetarian!
    Actually it is called Zombie Pirate LeChuck in Disneyland... and was created by Eli-Eli.

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