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August 1999

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28th August 1999 How to draw Monkeys
How to Draw Monkeys the LucasArts Way
While browsing though the Game Developer Conference website I stumbled accorss a lecture by Bill Tiller entitled How to Draw Monkeys the Lucas Arts Way: An Analysis of the Funny pictures in the Curse of Monkey Island. I have converted the .DOC file to HTML for easy viewing. As the lead background artist on CMI, Bill Tiller was responsible for the look of all the locations you visit. This is a very worth while read of you are interested in finding out why LEC chose to make CMI look like it did.

New CMI Theme
New, a very impressive set of Windows95/98 themes based on CMI complete with new backgrounds. Many thanks to Captain FishBone for creating them.

(Ron) Gilbert Goodmate
Sorry, nothing to do with Ron Gilbert or Monkey Island really... but a new 2D adventure game has been announced called Gilbert Goodmate, if you take a closer look you will see that is the graphics style is very similar to CMI. Also available is a preview at Interactive Fiction, it will be released on the Amiga(!?!) and PC. Thanks to Telarium and Jim for the news.

22nd August 1999 Exclusive Ron and Dom Chat!
Ron Gilbert and Dominic Armato Chat at #MI
How about that.. a real exclusive! On Saturday 21st August, Ron Gilbert (Creator of all things Monkey Island) joined our very own IRC Channel, #monkey-island, Dominic Armato (Voice of Guybrush, you may remember that he has joined us before and was our first Celebrity!) also logged on to chat! Close to 50 monkeys logged on and that was with us only announcing it to the regulars or the channel! (Sorry for you others, but we needed to keep the crowd at a level we could handle.)

You can download the Log of the chat here. This is un-edited and is not easy to read, but it has everything. Ron Gilbert's nick is Ron-G and Dominic Armato's nick is _Dom_.

Download a MS Word .Doc file of the edited chat here (16kb). Kindly created by CaliMonk!! You can also see edited versions at Mixnmojo and at Adventuregamer.

Below are some of the best quotes from the chat:


"The secret of money island is kjhkjh^&UG&^%& <connection lost>"

(When asked if it was possible to find the secret)
"Yes, if you really look at what's going on, you might be able to come close."

"I wish all the Spice Girls were only in Europe"

UPDATE: Mutton has put together some Top Quotes from the Chat.

Thanks goto Mutton for arranging the chat and to all the Ops at #monkey-island for helping to make it such a success. And of course, to Ron and Dom for showing up!

7th August 1999 Ye wenching motley-minded matey
Game gods
Recently in the US PC Gamer, they have an article entitled Game gods. Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, Larry Holland, Hal Barwood, and Justin Chin all made it into the list. Below are what they had to say about Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer. Thanks to Jeff-1 for the scans from the magazine.

Ron Gilbert Tim Schafer

More Mi4 Rumours!
Just saw this on comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure, another magazine that mentions a new Monkey Island game.

Subject: Monkey Island 4!
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 22:08:38 +1000
From: Brain Artifice (wdcre@ozlinx.com.au)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure

Well, I made my monthly pc mag purchase this month (Pc Powerplay for any Aussies out there!) and one of the writers made mention of Lucasarts next Monkey Island game.
Simply stating that "Word has it that Lucasarts are in fact at work on another Monkey Island game, though I'm sure you'll hear no official confirmation for some time to come".

Ask Captain Jack
Also from Jeff-1, a cool page full of Pirate insults! Head over to Ask Captain Jack you groggy rapier-rusting measle! Arrr!!!

Quiz #10
Available now... Quiz #10! Thanks to Blondebeard for this Quiz. After some terrible scores on previous Quizes... I was happy to score 8/10!

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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