December 1997

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30th December 1997 - It's Christmas!! erm.. well, it was
I hope you all had a great Christmas, I know I did! Funny how little cousins really like PCs... I never got near the thing :) Anyway, I`m here now and ready to get updateing again. First off... the background, Just a test to see how it looks. Do you like it? Or do you hate it (Not sure where I found it), Let me know if you like the new background. I`ll eventually use the background on all the pages.

More fan reviews of CMI have been added to the CMI section.

One more quite improtant thing... the Posting Board is a dead loss, it won`t work for me at all. So I`ve deceided to use a hosted Message Board. So the Posting Zone is back up, just a little differant. So get posting!!

20th December 1997 - CMI Soundtrack Petition!
Do you want a CMI Soundtrack? Well... so do alot of us. So go and sign the Petition!

There are also some more Fan Reviews of CMI in the CMI Section.

Here is another Scumm Bar exclusive (I know, there arn`t many exclusives... but we have had one or two!). Available to download is some Monkey Island Sheet Music. Kindly created by Andrew Langley. Sorry, I was meant to put this up a few days ago.. but it's here now!

Also, I apologise once again for the Posting Boards being down.. I`ve still not had any luck in getting it working again.

14th December 1997 - More Fan Reviews
Alot more fan reviews of CMI are available to read in the CMI Section.

For Lots of CMI MP3s... goto Dark Empire.

14th December 1997 - Fan Reviews Up
I`ve put the first fan reviews of CMI up in the CMI Section. Only 3 so far... please send more!!

12th December 1997 - Your CMI Reviews Needed!
Alright, to get peoples reactions to CMI I am setting up a Fans opinions section. Here I will put short reviews by the fans. So I want everyone to Email me your thoughts. I only really want a few lines summing up what you thought of CMI... Good or Bad. But Please no "I thought it was rubbish and that's that" thoughts... if you thought it was rubbish.. please make sure you say WHY! Same goes for if you loved it. Also, please make sure you have "ATTN:CMI Review" in the subject heading of your email, Thanks!

At the end of your opinion, please give CMI a mark out of 10.

CMI is also now available in Malaysia.

There is an Interview with Ron Gilbert. I`ve known about this for a while... but silly old me kept forgetting to mention it :-)

10th December 1997 - Posting Boards not Working
As most people have probably noticed... the Posting Boards are not working. I`m trying to get them fixed.

4th December 1997 - "Updates ta' port Cap'in!"
I`ve upadted the CMI section... *WARNING* Spoilers at this page, be careful.

Also updated is the Hints section. With some MI1 Trivia from somebody who worked on the games, and a link to a CMI solution. There was a great CMI Hints only page that someone posted about on the Posting Board. Unfortunatly, I`ve lost the URL, so could someone who does remember, please Email the URL to me.

Finally, I`d like to tell everyone to go visit SnesGirls Monkey Island page. Why? Because I`m feeling guilty for for spoiling CMI accidently for her. So lots of hits on her MI page should make up for it :)

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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