January 1999

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28th January 1999 Adventure games dead?Pah!
Grim Fandango wins Game of the Year!
Who said Adventure games were dead? I know most of you may already know this, I was meant to put this up the other day... but head on over to GamesSpot. They have awards for the best games or 1998 called The Best and Worst of 1998. Amazingly (or maybe not so amazing, it is after all a top game) Grim Fandango won Game of the Year! Beating off the likes of Half-Life and Starcraft.

(Insert witty anagram here)

Something interesting for Star Wars fans... an anagram of Alec Guinness is 'Genuine Class'. The stuff people e-amil you, eh! Ok fine... YOU find some interesting news then ;-)
25th January 1999 Ron Gilbert day?
PC Gamer UK Ron Gilbert Interview
Remember that Ron Gilbert Interview that the UK PC Gamer ran a few weeks ago? Well, I finally have it online for you to read! See it here! Painstakingly typed.. it took many days. Impressed huh? But any typos I`ll blame on the OCR software. ;-)

Java IRC Chat

I have just finished overhauling the IRC Chat section. It now has clearer instructions on getting to the chat channel, it also now has a Java applet that easily hooks up to the IRC chat! So if you have always had trouble hooking up to IRC, or just want a quick way to log on... use the Java Chat!

More Midis!

Highland Productions have released two more MI2 Midis. They claim them to be boring... but how can MI2 music be boring?? ;-)

Monkey Island Manuals

Jeff-1 has kindly sent me the MI1 and 2 Manual .EXE file that was available on the PC Gamer versions of the games a while back. You can grab the Manuals file here (1.10meg). These DO NOT include the codes for registering the PC Gamer version, nor the Codes for the copy protection.

Ron and the MI2 Ending?

NetMonkey recently posted some info he got from Ron Gilbert. See what NetMonkey had to say here.
11th January 1999 LEC Rules! (We knew that)
Hotgames.com Awards
Remember the awards at Hotgames? Well I didn`t, good thing Kenny at the Posting Board did. For the full results go here. These are the Awards that most affect us:

"Best use of visuals in a game"
CMI selected by both the Editor and the Readers!

"Game Developer of the Year"

The Editor Selected LucasArts.

"Most Original game title of '98"

Grim Fandango selected by Editor and Readers.

"Game of the Year"

Grim Fandango
They also had some nice words to say about CMI:

In selecting the game title for best visuals, the editors and readers of Hotgames.com had a similar idea. After intense evaluation, it was decided that one game in 1998 delivered breathtaking, atmospheric graphics that stood above everything else. And guess what? Not even a sniff of 3D. Simply the best, 'old-school 2D' (as we like to refer to things non-3D in the office), both the Editor and Reader awards (with 20.5% of the vote) go to LucasArts' Curse of Monkey Island.
9th January 1999 Why Wooden Nickels?
Jonathan Ackley Interview
Jonathan Ackley together with his wife Casey Ackley In a joint venture, Plunder Island and The World of Monkey Island have gotten an Exclusive interview with Co-Project Leader of CMI, Jonathan Ackley! Lot's of nice info available in the interview, including why wooden nickels wher used instead of Pieces 'o Eight.

Jonathan Ackley recently departed LucasArts to start up his own company with his wife Casey Ackley, called Stargazy Studios. To see the interview check out either Plunder Island or The World of Monkey Island.

6th January 1999 You can stop asking now!
I just put together a SCUMM Bar FAQ, it quite basic at the moment but shall be updated as time goes by. Hopefully it will answer questions that new fans to the page will have. So you can stop emailing me all the time now!! hehehe.. just kidding! ;-)
5th January 1999 Killing a Rumour
Ron has no Plans for MI
The ever resourceful (and persistent) MrNemo has managed to get a reply from Ron Gilbert about the recent rumours about Ron wanting to buy the rights to Monkey Island. Here is what Ron has to say, starting off with something about Good & Evil:
There will be some Adventure game style puzzles, but most of it will be combat related. Good & Evil is kind of like a cross between Monkey Island and Diablo. As for buying back the rights to MI, I have no plans to do so. I have no doubt they would be very expensive and have not even talked to LA about it.
CMI on Budget
While looking through a few Magazines and Website it has come to my attention that CMI will be re-released on 8th January under the LucasArts Classics label. Also released under this label will be other LucasArts games like Outlaws, Jedi Knight, Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars: Supremacy (Rebellion) and X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter. I assume this will be at a Budget price of about 10-15 here in the UK, so probably about $20 in the US.

News just in

Ok, I just changed the Poll, for the old poll results go here... most of you either liked or loved the Voices in CMI.
Also, the SCUMM Bar is now Affiliated with The Grim Fandango Network!
Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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