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January 2000

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28th Jan 2000 Vince Lee Interview
Vince Lee Interview at LucasFans
Lucasfans have a great interview with Vince Lee creator of the Rebel Assult series and worked on the first two Monkey Island games. Visit Lucasfans now!

Plunder Island 3D now have there own website along with two new screenshots. Plunder Island 3D is a level being made for Half Life.

26th Jan 2000 The answer is... 42
Plunder Island in Half Life
A while back (see 14th Jan) it was reported that GregD was working on a Barbery Coast level for Half Life. I was mistaken... it is in fact the whole of Plunder Island. GregD is looking for some help with the level, so if you are interested, send him an e-mail. Here are some updated picture from the Barbery Coast.

Dominic Armato on MI4
Dominic Armato (Voice of Guybrush, but I`m sure you knew that) recently returned from his travels and dropped into #monkey-island to chat. During that time, the inevitable question was asked. This was his response:

Bloodnose: Although there's a good chance you've been asked about 157 times...Dom, have you been approached about MI4 as of yet?
_Dom_: Blood... can't talk about that... sorry.
I`ll leave you people to decide what that means. Thanks to Bloodnose for emailing this to me.

17th Jan 2000 MI4 News
MI4 news
Matt Shaw sent in a scan of the MI4 mention in the latest issue of PC Zone. (see news on 12th Jan) Here is what the scan says in full:

Developer LucasArts
Publisher Activision
Website www.LucasArts.com
Out Some time in 2001
Remember Lucasarts' revolutionary interface, which first made its debut in Grim Fandango? Well, a new, improved version is set to be the baby that powers Monkey Island 4. Details are still sparse but Tim Schafer has reportedly said they're currently finalising the script. As soon as we hear any more, you'll be the first to know.
Also, Mort-Hog sent a scan from a recent issue of PC Gaming World, it mentions that MI4 IS happening. Here is what the scan says:

"Well, we know it's happening. We don`t actually know much else about it, but Monkey Island 4 is definitely happening. The safe money's on a humourous point-and-click adventure, but rest assured, you`ll be the first to know..."
Monkey Island in Indy3D
I have just put together a short article that lists all the referances to Monkey Island in Indy3D. It basically shows everything that has been in the news over the past two months, but on one neat page.

Meeting Steve Purcell
Jake, webmaster of The Unofficial Sam and Max site recently met Steve Purcell for lunch! (wow!) Visit the site for some exclusive art and interviews!

14th Jan 2000 Barbery Coast Level
Half Life Barbery Coast
GregD is currently working on a Barbery Coast level for Half Life. Below are some early screenshots... I`m sure you will agree it's pretty impressive so far! GregD is looking for some help with the level, so if you are interested, send him an e-mail.

Jack Sorensen leaves LEC
Gamespot News reports that Jack Sorensen, president of LucasArts, will be leaving the company. This is the third person to leave LEC in the past week. (see news from 13th Jan and 9th Jan)

Thanks to LucasFans for the news.

Tim Schafer Interview
The Grim Fandango Network has a copy of an interview with Tim Schafer taken from PC Gamer.

The "Guybrush"
Dingy has pointed out a website that describes a breakdance move called the "Guybrush". If you are interested, take a look.

13th Jan 2000 Cities of Gold
Indy3D Savegame
For those who are too lazy to find the Barbery Coast in Indy3D, GregD has supplied a savegame to help you see the level without having to go through all that annoying gameplay stuff. It even has the music!

Download Savegame - indy3d-cmi.zip (63 Kb)

Aric Wilmunder departs LucasArts
LucasFans (Who are back by the way!) have news regarding another LucasArts departure. Aric Wilmunder who contributed to the SCUMM engine and has been at LEC since 1984! Head over to LucasFans for the full story.

12th Jan 2000 Monkey 4!! Monkey 4!!
MI4 Confirmed!
PC Zone have had a chat with Tim Schafer and he has said "they're currently finishing the script to MI4". It will use the Grim Fandango engine (updated I`d imagine) and will be out "sometime in the Year 2001". Very nice news indeed!

Emailed to me the other day by Nick Singer, but I decided to try and get a scan of the Magazine before putting it on the site, silly me! Thanks to all others who emailed the news today!

Also, more news about Tim Schafers departure from LEC can be found at GamesSpot.

9th Jan 2000 Tim Schafer leaves LEC!
Tim Schafer leaves LucasArts
GameSpot reports that Tim Schafer has left LucasArts. See the full article here. Tim Schafer (as I`m sure you all know) co-wrote MI1 and MI2, as well creating Full Throttle and the excellent Grim Fandango.

A source close to LucasArts has informed GameSpot News that Tim Schafer, designer of Grim Fandango and Full Throttle and co-designer Day of the Tentacle, has left the company to pursue other interests. Considering that several LucasArts employees have departed to create new companies like Nihilistic and Infinite Machine, the possibility of Schafer creating a startup seems plausible.
Thanks to Jeremy Williams, Tsunamio and Mixnmojo for the news.

More MI4 Rumours
Another small article from a magazine called Computer Bild Spiele. Sent in by Malte Skoruppa from www.monkeyisland.de and screenshot by Marco Lohmann. This is what it says:

"Adventure-Fans will enjoy: the succesfully trilogy of Monkey Island is to be continued. Behind closed doors LucasArts is working on Monkey Island 4 for the PC. If the fourth part will have even more humor and much more difficulty quizzes, we will know it only a short time before chrismas this year. Price is not yet known."
Game of the Millennium?
Cybernet (a computer TV program here in the UK) listed Monkey Island 3 as the 8th best game of the Millennium and also Guybrush as the 3rd best character. I missed the program... but the news was sent in by Pninagila.

3rd Jan 2000 The Cover-Up!!!
New MI4 Rumours
Mutton has set up a page called The Complete History of Monkey Island 4 rumours, Including details of... The Cover-Up! Be afraid.

Other rumours include this sent in by Øystein Håland and taken from a Danish magazine called PC Player:

"After the Activate'99-reportage a couple of months ago, where we mentioned that Monkey Island 4 was on the storyboard at LucasArts. Since then we have received many calls from people who want to hear more about the game. We don't know much about the game, but it will probably be finished next year."
Lastly was this article from a spanish magazine called Micromania sent in by Harbrush and kindly translated by Dingy.
The future adventures of LucasArts.
"Monkey Island 4" in 3d seems to be in mouth of all Danish journalists listened to a conversation between a director of LucasArts and another one of Activision - distributing LucasArts games in Europe, in meeting with gamemaker, where the accomplishment of the fourth part was mentioned. Also, a store online of the same country, after making a visit to LucasArts, put this review in its list launchings:

"Monkey Island 4". Lucas Arts. June of the 2000.

A few days later it disappeared mysteriously. LucasArts has denied these two information, but don't forget that the same company denied the making of " Curse of Monkey Island" fifteen days before its official announcement. The secret project of Tim Shafer(creator of " Grim Fandango) is not be denied or comfirmed,

Finally I can say this: it will be an intresting year in the game industry.

Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer Interviews
GameSpot have an article called Millennium Gaming, it includes interviews with Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer. Thanks to Joe Cool for the news.

New Monkey Island Mod
Something we haven`t seen in a while are Monkey Island Music Mods, Tobias has created a Mod based on the tune played by Jojo the Monkey in MI2. Use Winamp to play the tune.

Download MOD - monkey.zip (31 Kb)

SCUMM in Games Dictionary
GameDictionary.com now lists SCUMM. Thanks goto Maximar.

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