July 1998

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31st July 1998 No news is, erm... boring
Sorry for the lack of updates... not much in the way of MI news, and my computer has been out of action while I tried to install some new stuff. Anyway, another new poll... nothing major. The last poll had an Interesting result. The Poll was 'What are your feelings on using 3D for Adventure games?' and it surprised me to see that only 21% actually hated the idea of 3D. The rest seemed to either like it or not to mind it. The winner was Don`t mind, as long as MI4 wouldn`t use it with 37% of the votes (78 out of 211).

The World of Monkey Island has a few of the Dark Empire CMI MP3s available to download. Hopefully I`ll have some more space soon for MP3s, keep checking back :)

24th July 1998 2D Adventures will go on!
Snesgirl emailed me about a Support 2D Adventure games page located at www.cryogen.ch/support_2d. Worth checking out and sending them your comments!

New Poll time too, the last poll was Would you like to see a fourth Monkey Island Game? There where 241 votes and 93% (225) of you said 'yes!'

21st July 1998 Adventure games to live on?
The August Issue of PC Gamer (UK) has printed an Interview with LucasArts' Director of Development Steve Dauterman. Here is one part you Adventure fans may find interesting:

Steve Dauterman - LucasArts's Director of Development Our adventure games' popularity dates back to the days where we were localising versions for various European countries. It seems that the European audience really enjoys the story aspect of games as well as the action and shoot-'em-up elements. The US market is much more accustomed to the action shoot-'em-up, but the adventure game has always been one of those traditions we want to continue. Having said that, we don't ever want to do ten adventure games in a year. At LucasArts we look at the Grim Fandangos and Monkey Islands as 'big event' games to set new standards technically and creatively.
Seems that LucasArts intend to do more 'Big Event' games.. and let's keep our fingers crossed that MI4 will be in there one day! It's also encourageing to hear that LucasArts do not intend to give up on the Adventure game. Three Cheers!! *ahem* sorry...

19th July 1998 New Poll
I was glad to see the results of the Poll, 72% liked the changes to the SCUMM Bar. Thanks to all who voted. The new Poll is "Would you like to see a fourth Monkey Island game", I`m very interested to see the result of this one.

Site changes:

Melee Island has changed Addresses
The Curse of Monkey Island - Peurto Pollo I got the name wrong before.

17th July 1998 CMI's Recognition
justadventure.com had an interesting letter (funnily enough in their letters section), it was from Lori Cole of Sierra and in it she says:

I consider the LucasArts adventure games to be the highlight of the industry, and I was terribly disappointed in the sales figures from Curse of Monkey Island. If any game should have been a runaway best seller, CMI was one of them.
I just find it great that other professionals in this business openly state how good CMI was/is. They really seem to like it!

16th July 1998 Monkey MUSH
Todd Page emailed me about an exciting new idea.. this is what he had to say:

I happen to be creating a Monkey Island MUSH! Yay! If you don't know what a MUSH is, it's an on-line roleplaying environment, like, a MUD only role-play based. It's based off the Monkey Island setting, and it's in it's initial stages of open-ness at jupiter.planetmud.com port 2000
If you have any other questions about this.. please email Todd Page.

Highland Productions has MORE MI midis for you to download! 3 MI1 midis (They are also the last of the MI1 midis *sniffle*) and two MI2 midis.

Frame should look right in IE4 now... thanks to Remi Olsen for the fix.

New pages:

The Curse Of Monkey Island - Blood Island
The Glass Bottomed Boat
15th July 1998 Sigh of relief
Phew.. the new Frames version of the SCUMM Bar seems to have been well recieved.. I`m so glad. Worried for a while people would want me fired from a cannon for it! Guess I can get rid of this pot pan now... (Oh, and it should work better in 1024x768 now).

Not much news I`m affraid.. so here's a fun pic scanned from the CMI Guide to keep you scurvy scum happy. (Am I allowed to insult loyal readers??)

CMI Police Line-up
Highland Productions has 2 new MI1 and 2 new MI2 midis available to download.

New pages:

Har's LucasArts Page
John's Monkey Island Page
14th July 1998 A new hair style...
Ok, I figured it was about time to give he SCUMM Bar a bit of a facelift... so here is the result. Nothing spectacular, but I feel the Frame will help with navigation alot. Should also look a little better in lower resolutions, not tried it with IE4 yet.. so please let me know if it messes up in that. Colours in the frame arn`t quite right yet either... I`ll work on them.

Also, I`ll try and put a Poll up every week and see how that goes.

13th July 1998 Blah, Blah, Blah
Highland Productions has more MI2 midis! Arn`t they good to us :)

New pages:

www.lucasgames.com (Impressive!)

12th July 1998 That Comic
Remember the excellent Monkey Island Comic by Iris Dragt? Well, I`ve been forgetting to mention she has more pages added to it.. so go see her work!

The Home of Murray has an Interview with Denny Delk.. who is the voice of Murray (as you had probably guessed!). Denny Delk also has a page at www.ddelk.com.

The Plunder Island webpage has also reopened.

New pages:

Phatt Island
LucasFan Productions
The Monkey Island Domain
Peurto Pollo

7th July 1998 Simon who??
Highland Productions has a midi based on the Pirate Ship song from CMI. As usual it is of a high standard.

Nothin to do with Monkey Island... but something to do with a Adventure game in the Monkey Island style. I mean 'Simon the Sorcerer'. Anyway... just thought you people would like to know that Simon the Sorcerer 1+2 are available in a Duel pack (in the UK at least) for 19.99. It also includes a cool free T-Shirt ;-) I bought it... and found it wasn`t too difficult to rip the Midi files from it, so if you would like them... Download them Here! (91kb)

Quote of the week..

    "Video killed the radio star, now 3D is killing the adventure game"
    - PC Format, July 1998
Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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