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July 1999

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31st July 1999 MI4 or DOTT2?
The Links section has (finally) been updated. Thanks to DJG for the help.

LucasArt's next Adventure
A new article has surfaced, taken from the Spanish magazine 'Micromania', it has rumours of the next LucasArts adventure game. As you would expect, it mentions MI4 and DOTT2. It also talks about the Newsround Project Monkey sighting reported on 18th June. Follow the More link to read the article.

Thanks to Harbrush for sending this in, and thanks to Loco from #wing-commander for the translation.
More Info...

Quiz #9
You thought Quiz#8 was though? Wait till you try Quiz #9! This time Meghan is responsible. I only managed to score 2/10!

27th July 1999 Ron Gilbert Strikes back
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Ron Gilbert on Monkey Island
Something that should interest all MI fans... in the September issue of the British magazine Arcade, Ron Gilbert had a few words to say concerning his MI3:

‘Monkey Island 2 was praised as bigger, better and funnier than its prequel, but the hackneyed ending was criticised by some. “Monkey Island 2 was one big set-up for MonkeyIsland 3,” admits Ron, “so it was supposed to leave you hanging and a little confused - much like The Empire Strikes back in the Star Wars trilogy.” This pland was ruined when Ron left LucasArts, leaving the third game - The Curse of Monkey Island- to be written and developed by others. “My story for Monkey Island 3 is still sitting in my head,” says Ron, I’ve never told it to anyone.”
Personally, I think we all know that Ron would have done MI3 differantly... but LEC will probably never sell the MI rights, and Ron is not going back to LEC. So why worry? The MI3 we got was a fine adventure.. enjoy it!

For more info on Fan reactions.. see the message on the Message Board entitled Ron's Monkey Island 3. Thanks goto Mr Pumblechook for the news.

New MI Downloads
Available at Stan's Previously Owned Downloads, CMI Startup/Shutdown screens for Win95/98 and Curse Amp, a Skin for WinAmp.

  • comiscrn.exe - CMI Startup/Shutdown screens (207 Kb)
    by Jitender Saan
  • curseamp.zip - Curse Amp (91 Kb)
    by LeChuck_

    Quiz #8
    Now for something scary, Quiz #8! Mutton is once again responsible. He had a few complaints about his Quizzes getting too easy... so he is back with a vengeance. I only managed to score 3/10!

  • 23rd July 1999 Villainous!
    Unfortunatly the poll reset itself, so please go vote again! Also, LucasArts Top25 has reset their votes... so please vote for the SCUUM Bar (That's here, by the way) by clicking on the Top 25 Icon in the left hand column.

    Another quick notice... my review of the X-Wing LEGO set is available at MixnMojo, so if you are interested, please read!

    Gamespot Top 10 Game Villians
    GameSpot has an article entitled The Ten Best Computer Game Villains. As it should be, LeChuck is included! It also has a MP3 of LeChuck's voice. Many thanks to DJG for letting me know about this.

    17th July 1999 Is MI2 the toughest?
    Cannibals Winamp Skin
    A nice little download for you today... a Skin for the popular MP3 player, WinAmp. Kindly created for us by Sparkey!

    Star Wars LEGO Reviews
    Ok, this has nothing to do with our beloved Monkey Island, but well worth mentioning. MixnMojo, kind host to this site, have started their reviews of the Star Wars LEGO. They will be adding more as time goes by... and Spaff was even good enough to let me review a couple! So go read!

    MI2 the toughest!
    New poll time... the last poll was "Which was the Toughest Monkey Island game?" A massive 55% of you voted for Monkey Island 2 as the toughest. I agree.. as it's the only MI game that I have actually had to use a walkthrough solution to help finish it! (It may have only been for the end part.. but I regret it every day.. almost :-). View the Poll Results here.

    Also, I noticed that it was just over a year ago that the polls first started... and they are still going.. cool eh? Oh ok.. I just thought you may have liked that little bit of useless information.

    14th July 1999 Leaving LEC
    In the last update I messed up the links to the CMI mp3s.. they are now fixed and available at Stan's Previously Owned Downloads.

    Quiz #7
    Quiz #7 is there and ready to tax the Monkey Island section of your brain! Thanks once again goes to the Quizmaster, Mutton!

    LucasArts Departures
    Adventuregamer reports that that project leader Mark Haigh-Hutchinson has left LucasArts, and Steve Dauterman is due to leave to pursue another career opportunity. More Info...

    6th July 1999 MM3? MI4? DOTT2? BBC3?
    If you have any Monkey Island news or Questions... please email skyfox@mixnmojo.com instead of da08@rapid.co.uk

    Quiz #6
    New quiz time! Quiz #6 is available.. once again from our favourtie Irishman, Mutton! I was able to get 7/10, it would have been eight but silly me messed up and selected the wrong island! Well, I guess I should go and play MI a bit more, eh.

    Maniac Mansion 3
    Adventuregamer had some news about a possible Maniac Mansion 3. What does this mean for MI4? Would they do a MM3 and MI4 at the same time? Or could there be no MI4? Only time will tell.

    CMI MP3s
    After a long absence, the CMI MP3s are once again available at Stan's Previously Owned Downloads. By the time you read this most of the files should be back up, if any are not... that means I'm still uploading them. Just try again a little later on.

    Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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