June 1998

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29th June 1998 New MI2 Midis
Highland Productions has two new MI2 midis and some Sheet Music available to download.
The Monkey Island Spectacular Site is celebrating it's first Birthday... so pay it a visit!
As an added bonus.. SarahS from IRC wants to see her name in lights. So here it goes...
Impressive Eh? Oh ok, I promise never to do it again...

28th June 1998 - Stuff
I apologise for the lack of updates recently.. I`ll do my best to make up for that over the next few weeks.

On with the news... There are a couple of nicely done CMI Skins for the Winamp mp3 player. These are available from Monkey Central.

Mr. Coulomb's Fine Leather MIDIs has an excellent midi version of the 'LeChuck's Hold' music... well worth getting.

Highland Productions also have a couple of new top quality CMI midis available to download. These are 'CMI Difficulty Screen' and 'Rollercoaster of Death'. Please note that the 'CMI Difficulty Screen' is in GS format and not GM. To find out how to play it properly, please view their FAQ.

Just Adventures has added a CMI Review and they really seem to love it... 99%, has to be a first! (Not that I disagree)

I`ve been getting some emails about the Downloads section having bad links etc.. I`ll do my best to sort them out ASAP, cheers!

14th June 1998 - Midi Mania (Mayhem? Madness?)
Ok, a lot of Midi Stuff today. First off... Highland Productions has been updated with new LucasArts midis and moved to mixnmojo.com (Which is also back up again).

A new site for Monkey Island midis called Mr Coulomb's Fine Leather MIDIs. Mr Coulomb has dedicated this site to recreating the music from the Monkey Island games with top quality midis. Go take a look/listen!

Thanks to QuestStudios, there are a few new Monkey Island midis... Underground Tunnels (Part2), Underground Tunnels (Part3) and a loop of the Melee Island Forest*.

Finally, this isn`t a Monkey Island midi.. but I was so impressed by it, I have to mention it here. Microangelo has created a midi of The Return of the Jedi - Special Edition - Finale*. It's great!

*If you have any problems downloading the midis (i.e. It tries to downloads as midi.exe instead of midi.mid) Then hold down 'Shift' and click on the link.

9th June 1998 - New MI Comic Page
Iris Dragt informs me that he has put up a 5th and 6th page to his excellent Monkey Island Comic. It should also work with Netscape now. If you`ve not seen it yet.. it's highly recommend, I even printed it out!! (And Jim even complimented it!!)

PC Gamer UK listed their top 100 games of all time... and placed the Monkey Island Trilogy at 11th place!! Well, even if they do hate Wing Commander, at least they have the right idea about Monkey Island. This is what they said:

Six years after they last treated us to the surreal exploits of Guybrush Threepwood, LucasArts surprised everyone by revisiting the point and click lunacy ot Monkey Island. Executed with a typically confident flourish, The Curse of Monkey Island was a hugely enjoyable addition to the most famous adventure game series ever. As usual. the visuals and dialogue were impeccable, but Curse also improved on the original interface, which compromised the size at the playing area and occasionally proved tedious to negotiate in the previous installments. Continuing the unique Monkey Island tradition of slightly bizarre puzzle-solving, satirical dialogue and eccentric sub-games, Curse proved beyond doubt that the point-and-click genre not only had plenty more mileage left in it, but that there was no-one more capable at exploiting it to its hilarious, thought-provoking, intelligent full than LucasArts.
Finally, if you're interested... Mixnmojo have a few interviews with Webmasters of popular LucasArts related sites, including me :-)

1st June 1998 - More Interviews (and a handshake)
Available to read now is another Ron Gilbert Interview from LucasFilm Adventurer vol. 1, number 1, 1990. Ron mentions that he was going to use the Vending Machine from Stan's in MI2... seems like he had the whole story worked out for the MI series before starting... makes you wonder what he had in store for MI3! (Don`t get me wrong, I thought CMI was excellent, but you can`t help but wonder) This was kindly typed up and sent to me by Brian Trewin, who also recently got to shake hands with Ron Gilbert at the recent Computer Game Developer's Conference... nice one Brian!!

The music on this page should now work with IE4 and Netscape with the Crescendo plugin... I hope :-)

Mikeman3D has put up two high Quality CMI MP3s, one of the Blood Island Music and the other is of the Intro Music. Speaking of downloads... I`ve had a few emails about dead links in the downloads section... sorry about this, I`ll try and fix it as fast as possible.

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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