June 1999

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18th June 1999 "...a really fun job."
Jo Ashburn (aka "Captain Tripps") Interview

Jo 'Captain Tripps' Ashburn Most Monkey Island fans will probably know Jo "Captain Tripps" Ashburn, he is the talented chap who has been responsible for the excellent Strategy Guides and manuals to your favourite LucasArts games for many years. He also gets to test the games too... don`t you just wish you had his job :-)

Anyway, Adventuregamer have an Exclusive Interview with Jo Ashburn! Here is what they had to say:

We have posted our exclusive interview with Jo Ashburn at Adventure Gamer (www.adventuregamer.com)

Jo Ashburn works as a games tester and documentation writer at LucasArts Entertainment Company. He has written hintbooks for Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max Hit the Road, and cowrote manuals for Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, Dark Forces, Outlaws, Afterlife, Jedi Knight, and the Curse of Monkey Island. He has also written strategy guides for Full Throttle, The Dig, Afterlife, Curse of Monkey Island, and the new Star Wars action/adventure Phantom Menace.

More MI4 Evidence?
Just emailed to me now by Matt Shaw, possible evidence of a new MI game seen on a British program called NewsRound. (Of all the programs! I would never have thought of looking for info there) Follow the MORE link.
More Info...
17th June 1999 Game takes over life!
Many apologies for the lack of update recently.. I have lots of stuff to add like CMI MP3s, Fan Art and Quizes! But I`m sure you have all at one point in your lives had a game that has you hooked. So much so that hours would pass by without you realising it! That game for me at the moment is Birth of the Federation. Once again... sorry, and beware of Borg!

SCUMM Revisited 2.0.11

Version 2.0.11 of SCUMM Revisited has been released. As I`m sure you know... this program is used to rip almost anything from most LEC adventure games. Thanks to Odin for the news.

WIN (German) LEC Games!

Michael Feuerstein emailed me to say that his site (scummland.de) are giving you the chance to win 5 LEC games... CMI being one of them! All are German versions. Here is what he had to say:

Hi, on my Site, Scummland.de (http://www.scummland.de) you can win now 5 LucasArts Games - all you have to do is answering five easy questions and send the formular to us and you can win:
1x Grim Fandango
1x The Curse of Monkey Island
1x LucasArts 10 Adventures
1x Pod Racer
1x Phantom Menace

but please remember: all games are german version! If this is no problem for you, so please go and visit my site and try your luck! :)

Michael Feuerstein

5th June 1999 Fan Music Medley
Not Monkey Island related.. but important. Tommorrow, the 6th June is the date set for the European Telecommunications Boycott. This is an attempt to let the companies know that phone call prices for being on the Net are far to high for some of us. Make sure they know this by not using the Net for the entire day! Thanks to Huz for the reminder!

Monkey Island Fan Music

Here is a treat for you all... some excellent fan music heavily influenced by Monkey Island. You will require WinAmp to here these MP3 files.
The Residence of Guybrush
Remember The Residence of Guybrush? It was probably one of the first Monkey Island sites to appear after CMI was announced. Well it's back with lots of extras and at a new address, Check it out!

New Sites:

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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