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June 2000

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24th June 2000 El Pollo Joke
New Screenshot
LucasArts really are good to us aren't they? They have once again provided us with a new EMI screenshot! Thanks to Spitmaster for the news!

Also new to the LucasArts site is a poll... go vote for which game you are most looking forward to! We know you will pick EMI... and it is currently in the lead!

21st June 2000 Welcome to the Lua Bar
EMI Preview and Interview
GamePower have a preview and interview relating to EMI. Well worth reading and includes new screenshots, but beware.. there are many spoilers. Here are some snippets:
"The animated, feature-film-quality, 3-D graphics will knock you out, as will the voice acting (they auditioned 60 voices simply for the part of a monkey) and music (sorry, there's no singing this time)."
"...the SCUMM Bar (named after the original graphics engine) becomes the Lua Bar (the name of the new engine) and serves Pirate Sushi -- yum."
"We're about 75 percent to 80 percent of the size of Grim Fandango, which was kind of an epic game. We were given marching orders to be a little less epic this time around. We have some budget issues. But we have a lot more dialogue -- 9,000 lines. There are a lot of jokes in this puppy, some of them are even funny."
EMI Best Adventure at E3
The LucasArts website mentions that EMI was awarded Best Action/Adventure Game at E3 2000. Not even out yet and already it has an award... a good sign if ever I saw one.

A Monkey in your Pocket
ticalc.org is a site with many games for the Texas Instruments TI-89 graphing calculator, now available is a beta of Monkey Island! If you have one of these, then go get it!

I've had a few emails recently asking about Monkey Island Fan Fiction, with the exception of the Novel there is no fanfiction on this site... but two sites worth visiting are The Definitive Monkey Island Site and The World of Monkey Island.

13th June 2000 Is Elaine the best?
EMI Interview
Remi O over at the Mixnmojo Monkey Island Board has scanned the interview from a recent issue of PC Gamer, you can view the full thing here
Even more seriously, games with good stories, humorous characters, and challenging puzzles still make sense to us. How we use tools at our disposal is the real change. And our proprietry golden rule is (Cut this line - LucasArts Legal Department). Legal will probably edit that last line.
New Melee 3D beta
The site for the Melee3D project (a Melee Island level for Quake3) has been updated with a new beta! Check out the Site!

Ten Best Female Characters
GameSpot recently put up an article entitled 'The Ten Best Female Characters' and as you can imagine, Elaine Marley is included!

10th June 2000 Free Therapy
New EMI Screenshots
The LucasArts website has been updated with a new EMI screenshot. (see below) Thanks to Socrates, kreepyguy3000 and Narrative for the news.

Another two screenshots where recently shown in PC Gamer. Thanks to Marconelly for the scans.

Adventure Therapy
I have just read Adventure Therapy... it talks a lot this month about E3 and Monkey Island 4, so well worth reading! They are also kind enough to mention this site a couple of times!

7th June 2000 Free Monkeys!
Get MI1 *FREE*
Very cool news for all those in the US... PC Gamer US are giving away Monkey Island 1 on their cover CD (yes, you read that right!). Also included are such classics as Wing Commander 1, Alone in the Dark and Ultima Underworld. It's a shame the UK doesn't allow free games on CDs for some odd reason, but if you are not in the US, it will be worth looking out for an imported copy. Thanks to Darth Phenom for the details!

New EMI Screenshots
GameSpot have 20 new screenshots from EMI... unfortunatly they all seem to just be screen captures from the recently released E3 game footage (see news from 16th May). Thanks to James for the news.

While on the subject of the game footage... The Legend of Monkey Island has news of another EMI game footage AVI from GameFan (nothing new unfortunatly).

The Legend of Monkey Island also points out that in the game footage (see news from 16th May) you can see both The Swordmaster and Otis! Well spotted!

3D Levels
Two of the sites working on levels for First Person Shooters have been updated with new screenshots...

Plunder3D - Updates about the progress of the Half Life level and new screenshots of the Voodoo Hut, which are pretty impressive!

Melee3D - 12 new screenshots from Melee Island level for Unreal Tournament!

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"You look like a flooring inspector to me." - Melee Island Lookout