March 1998

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30th March 1998 - #monkey-island record broken!
During the Saturday chat at #monkey-island the record for the number of people attending at one time was broken. The previous record was 21, the new record is now 29. This was probably due to the fact that Dominic Armato was good enough to put in an appearance agian!

I must apologise for the fact that alot of the downloads are still down. I`ll get them back up ASAP.

Finally, I`ve had alot of emails about the link to the Ron Gilbert Interview is not working. The Interview seems to have just gone :( I do have a copy of the interview, but I have no way to contact the person who did the interview to get permission to use it, but I have decided to add it anyway. If the interviewer has a problem with this... then please email me and I`ll remove it.

27th March 1998 - has walked the plank!
Yes... is no more. Why? Well, because of the amount of bandwidth used by the SCUMM bar... I would have had to pay a LOT more money to stay there. But oaktree where kind enough to link the oaktree address to my free temporary space at my home server. So in a way will still work.

Please note that my email address will probably not work anymore... so all emails must be to Also, the downloads section may not have all the files there at the moment.. I`ll get them all back up soon.

hmmm... and the Midis don`t seem to work on this server either... oh well, at least it's only temporary.

23rd March 1998 - Few updates
Just a few minor updates about the site.. mainly the background. The other one was drawing complaints about not being able to read some text... so I`ve changed it again. Hope you like it :)

Also, there is the cool new wav file that is played when the page first loads. Dominic Armato was good enough to record a Guybrush welcome message... cheers Dom!

22nd March 1998 - Dominic Armato Chat Log... and another new logo
Well, what can I say... it was an amzing chat last night. Thanks to Dominic Armato's presence we had 21 people at the chat and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Dom was kind enough to answer all questions! You can read the log here (251kb .doc file).

Telarium of The Michael Land Homepage was kind enough to make the logo even better! Thanks tel!

Tomas from IRC was also kind enough to make a really great Scumm Bar Button, look to the left.

21st March 1998 - Dominic Armato at #monkey-island!! Yes, he was!!!
Dominic Armato (The guy who does Gurbrush's voice in CMI) was on IRC.. on our very own #monkey-island channel. Yes, yes.. we were sceptical too. But _Dom_ (His nick on the Channel) was kind enough to record a few wave files to prove it was him. test.wav (344kb), test2.wav (602kb) and scumm.wav (116kb). Also, MrMonkey has got the whole thing logged... Read it Here.

Anyway, Dominic has said he will be here at the IRC meeting tonight. 8pm GMT, 3pm EST or 12noon PST... So be there!! Many thanks to Dominic for putting up with our questions! He was really great about it. So Girls, get in line and head over to #monkey-island! (And lads too, of course)

17th March 1998 - More Monkey Mods
A few more Mods are available at Stan's Previously Owned Downloads. Thanks to Matt for sending them to me.

Having got my hands on the CMI Stratagy Guide... I can safely tell you that it is a great read! Even if you have already finished CMI. Goto the publishers page at

The last of the Fan Reviws of CMI have been added to the CMI Section. Sorry they took so long.

Finally, Thanks to Bordok of The LucasArts Database for the New Logo.. pretty good eh?

8th March 1998 - Midis, Interview, links, voteing.. the standard banana (eh?)
To start with, a couple more midis are available at Stan's Previously Owned Downloads. Thanks to QuestStudios. Also there is a new Win95 Backdrop... a pretty good one as well I thought.

Another Interview with Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern is available for your reading pleasure at Gameslice.

The LucasArts Database is holding a poll of everyones favourite Lucasarts game. So go vote!

Sorry it took so long, but the links are updated again :)

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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