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March 2000

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24th March 2000 MI Revisited?
Quiz #15
Quiz #15, the quiz is again by Chariset, and was HTMLised by Huz. After some really tough quizzes, Chariset has decided to be kind and made this quiz easy(ish). (I scored 7/10).

Monkey news
A few bits of news that I saw over at Mixnmojo.

The first is something taken from Just Adventure's mailing list:

Good news from LucasArts. The March 15th issue of Games Business magazine has an interview with Simon Jeffery, the new president of LucasArts. Mr. Jeffery, in response to the question, "Are we going to see the likes of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango again?" responded, "You’ll probably see some of them. At this point I wish I could tell you more, but yeah, we’re going to revisit, bring back and update some of the games that made LucasArts what it is and helped us become one of the most widely recognized consumer brands in gaming."
Second is that GameSpot had a poll, and Guybrush Threepwood was voted best hero! See the full article here.

Your number one pick was among the goofiest hereos of them all. Phrases like "complete dork" and clumsy apply nicely to Guybrush, but he's the big winner here today.
18th March 2000 "MI2 be or MI not 2 be"
New poll today... you can see the results of the last poll here. This month's poll is "How many Monkey Island game should LEC make?" and was thought up by emma4kel!

Quake3 Guybrush
Empire emailed me this screenshot taken from the recently released beta version of Melee Island for Quake3. The level includes a Guybrush Quake Skin, as Empire put it... "just look at his sadistic smile!!!"

Monkey Island 2 Bad ending?
Following up on GameSpot's top 10 worst endings... fans voted Monkey Island 2 as one of the worst. Read why. Thanks to The Frightener for the news.

"Any 'it's only a dream' ending is automatically awful." - Preston Watkins

These aren't dancing lessons
Ripped using SCUMM Revisited and put together by Dusty McGray... here is the map of the whole of Monkey Island from above. Impressive yes?

The DIG@mixnmojo.com
I`ve been meaning to mention this for ages, better late than never I guess. The DIG@mixnmojo.com has reopened with a new owner, Matt Shaw (Narrative). The site has a great new look and loads of extras to look at and download. Well worth a visit.

14th March 2000 Monkeys, Music and Melee
Game Developers Conference 2000
This years Game Developers Conference saw quite a number of LucasArts and Ex-LucasArts staff giving speeches. Those listed at the site are (in alphabetical order) Jonathan Ackley, Hal Barwood, Noah Falstein, Ron Gilbert, Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Tim Schafer and Bill Tiller (Who also gave a lecture last year called How to Draw Monkeys the LEC Way). Hopefully there will be copies of the speeches to download again from the website.

Murray Music!
Trapezoid has made a tune called Murray Mix. It's a 3meg MP3 and I have to say... it is brilliant! Well worth the download, if you want to hear it... Go Here. (For some reason I can`t stop listening to it)

Monkey Island Levels
Melee3D for Q3 - Has released a Beta for their Melee Island Level for the Quake 3 Engine. (I`ll have to buy Q3 pretty soon!) Also added to the page are a couple of Monkey Island Comic strips. (I found the first one quite funny!)

Melee3D for UT - The page has been updated with two new screenshot of teh Melee Island level for Ureal Tournament.

Plunder3D for HL - New Screenshot of Puerto Pollo using the Half-Life Engine, and a new AVI to download!

MI4 in Swedish PC Gamer
It appears MI4 has had a mention in the Swedish PC Gamer, doesn`t say anything new.. in fact it seem to be the same as what was said in the UK PC Gamer not too long back. Thanks to all who emailed me this news!

6th March 2000 Who Wants to Fail a Quiz
SCUMM Bar Quiz #14
Welcome to Quiz #14, this quiz is once again by Chariset, and was HTMLized (new word for the month) by Huz. People said that Quiz#13 was too tough, so in response to these comments... Chariset has made the next quiz even tougher! Enjoy! (I scored 3/10).

In other news, Dominic Armato (Voice of Guybrush, as I `m sure you all know) is said to have scored 9/10 is the last quiz... impressive eh?

Monkey Island, of course
Gamespy are running a quick poll, Who Wins? Monkey Island or Gilligan's Island? Go Vote! Reported by MadOnion.

Also, CMI made #39 on the PC Gamer USA people's All Time Top-50 list, one person said "Half-Life might be the best game of the recent past, but who will remember it in 2015? All-time means all-time, so Monkey Island is the best game for years to come." Well said! Thanks to Jeff-1 for the news.

MI2, worst ending of all time?
Just saw this over at Mixnmojo... Gamespot has a feature on The Ten Most Disappointing Endings. You can vote for MI2 as the worst ending ever, but would you want to?

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"You look like a flooring inspector to me." - Melee Island Lookout