May 1999

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31st May 1999 Music to my Ears
Unofficial LucasArts Soundtrack
LucasFans has a treat for us all! They have a Unofficial LucasArts Soundtrack CD available for you to buy at a non-profit price! Find details here.

New CMI Winamp Skin

MixnMojo have a new brand new CMI Skin for use with WinAmp. Created by Audun Remmem .


News also from MixnMojo, since I have not yet put the CMI MP3s back up... there are a few Here for you to download. As well as some Grim Fandango MP3s too!

24th May 1999 More on MI4!
MI4 Rumours
SCUMM Bar host MixnMojo have posted a bit of info regarding a MI4... here is what they have to say:
Well, we've had a very interesting snippet. A Lucasarts employee has stated that Monkey Island 4 is going ahead, and will also be 3D, a la Grim Fandango. Not sure about this myself, but we have been given a name (which we're witholding for obvious reasons) that we're checking up on. Stay frosty people!
5th SCUMM Bar Quiz!
New SCUMM Bar Quiz time! The questions in this one are by our resident Amiga maniac Huz! This is a tough Quiz and I was only able to score 4/10! eeep!

16th May 1999 E3 Delivers!
Monkey Island 4! (And it's not April 1st!)
Marek Bronstring of Adventuregamer was kind enough to email me with some nice info! E3 News Center has a Report that basicly says that "There are Two MonkeyIsland4 scripts that are ready at Lucasarts". It also states that the mighty Tim Schafer is working on a new Adventure game! Life is looking good!
More Info...

4th SCUMM Bar Quiz!

The fourth SCUMM Bar Quiz is available. The questions in this one were drawn up once again by MrMutton, and since he did all the Java work for me I was able to take the Quiz! Happily I was able to score 10/10!

SCUMM Revisited 2.0.10

Version 2.0.10 of SCUMM Revisited has been released, they have also updated their CMI Secrets section... well worth looking at!

12th May 1999 Not THE Secret
Sir SCUMM Bar Quiz the 3rd!
The Third SCUMM Bar Quiz is available. The questions in this one were drawn up by Mr Fossey, and I do appreciate the fact that he did all the Java work for me, Cheers! Since I had nothing to do with this Quiz I was actually able to try it without knowing the Answers! I scored 7/10... I think should play MI1 again ;-)

Monkey Island Secrets

MI2 Secret Scurvyliver emailed me somethings that are quite interesting. Want to know how to get Guybrush to appear with Elaine at the end of MI2? (See right pic)
Simply press ALT-W when you find the X on Dinky Island. Is it a bug?

Secondly, using SCUMM Revisited, he ripped these Audio files from the CMI Demo. They are of Dominic Armato (Voice Of Guybrush) explaining the Scene.

Mixnmojo reviews Monkey Island 2
MixnMojo have put up a review of Monkey Island 2... go read!!

Monkey Island Trilogy 14th!

PC Gamer UK (you remember, the Mag that got our hopes up about a Secret game from LEC?) have listed there top 100 Games of all time... the Monkey Island Trilogy was rated 14th. Which sorta makes up for them not listing Wing Commander at all! Also, Grim Fandango was 18th, Indy4 was 44th and Sam n Max was 61st.
More Info...
6th May 1999 The Quizmaster!
Finally updated the IRC Section with new regulars and ops... sorry it took so long, but all the Profiles should be there now... hopefully.

New Quiz!

Quiz Number 2 has been added to the SCUMM Bar Quiz! Many thanks to MrMutton for the Questions!

LucasFans Store

LucasFans Just added a new Store section... this lists all the LucasArts related stuff available to buy and makes it simple for you to order!

New Sites:

5th May 1999 An Evil Doorstop?
Decided to remove the large ugly menu from the main page.. this should at least help with loading times.

MI Bounty Pack Review

I just saw this over at WarZone Online Gaming Magazine, they pointed out that GamesDomain has a review of the UK Version of the Monkey Island Bounty Pack, this is the pack that contains MI1, 2 and 3. Read it here.

New Wavs!

James Stark was kind to enough to email me some wavs of classic lines from CMI, ripped using SCUMM Revisited they are of a high Quality.

MI 'Wholesome'
Jake R recently emailed me to tell me that "The Monkey Island series was rated "Wholesome" in the current issue of Time US." That can only be a good thing.... can`t it?

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