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May 2000

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28th May 2000 Unofficial EMI Trailer
Unofficial Trailer
Wait! Before you read 'Unofficial' and decide you are not interested... you have got to see this! Jake over at Mixnmojo has put together a quite oustanding EMI trailer using footage from the recent E3 stuff. I just want to say many thanks to Jake for letting the SCUMM Bar be part of it!

24th May 2000 erm... stuff
To answer a question that many people have asked about the CMI Easter Egg... unfortunately Emma does not know how the lightsabre sounds were activated... it was a case of pressing some random buttons! Sorry that we can't tell you how to activate it yourselves.

From EscapeMonkeyIsland.com:
EscapeMI.com has today opened it's free e-mail services! The e-mail service will let you choose any open username for the @monkeyisland4.net domain. To access to e-mail login and signup page, head on over to: http://email.monkeyisland4.net/. Here are some of the features:

  • Globally accessible (web based)
  • Hotmail Interface
  • Hold up to 6 MB of mail
  • Address book
  • Folders
  • Spam Filter
  • POP3 mail extractor
  • Signature
  • E-mail notification
  • Tons of custom Preferences
  • Support from the EscapeMI.com staff
  • Also be sure to check out the banner contest at escapemi.com... you could win a copy of any Lucasarts Monkey Island game of your choice!

    Plunder 3D Interviewed
    Escapemi.com have recently Interviewed GregD, the guy (genius?) behind the Plunder 3D project.

    Also, Plunder 3D are looking for programmers to help with the Single Player aspect of the Half Life level. If you can help... contact GregD.

    More MI4 Previews
    A few more EMI previews... no new info unfortunatly.

    Thanks to Jun Kim, Darth Phenom and Remi O for the news!

    21st May 2000 *vrruzumm* *zzuummm*
    CMI Lightsabre Easter Egg
    The ever lovely Emma has found what most of us have been looking for for many months! The Light Sabre Easter Egg! SCUMM Revisited found Light sabre sounds in CMI, but now we know that they are use in the game!

    Below is the savegame to try it out... just unzip the savegame.006 into the CMI directory... then load the 6th Savegame.

    19th May 2000 I am missing one poodle
    Novel Updated
    Well, it's that time of the year again (hehe, sorry Chris!) The Novel Adaptation by Chris Gerrard has been updated. So please read the latest part and let Chris know what you think!

    No animals were harmed during the writing of this Novel!
    New Plunder 3D shots
    The Plunder Island 3D webpage as been updated with new shots from the Half Life map. These shots are of Puerto Pollo, you can really see the town taking shape!

    More EMI footage
    Saw this over at Mixnmojo... AGN3D have posted a large number of Real video clips of E3. Included are some shot of EMI. So take a look!

    17th May 2000 BAD, VERY BAD!
    Michael Land leaves LEC!
    PeterBr and MrCoulomb have informed me (and the whole of #monkey-island) that when emailing Michael Land they get this message.

    Michael Land is no longer with LucasArts. However should you need to reach him, his new e-mail address is *****@*********.***.
    What does this means for EMI? Has the music been recorded or will someone else be doing it? We shall keep you posted! Sorry the addresses are not included... but I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate a few hundred emails today.

    16th May 2000 Moving Pictures
    EMI Videos
    Now this is what we have all been waiting for... game footage! DailyRadar.com have 3 (count 'em) MPEGs of EMI game footage! Let's forget the chatter and get to the downloads!


    I shall mirror these files as soon as I can.

    Many thanks to Telarium, www.escapemi.com, Simon, Spaceface and anyone else that I forgot to mention for the news!

    15th May 2000 Law on Lucre Island
    Too... much... info... but we like that, don't we? I was just about to update when the Mixnmojo news dropped into my email box.

    Mixnmojo EMI Preview
    What can I say but WOW! Mixnmojo has a huge E3 EMI Preview. Jake got to E3 and has brought home 6 new screenshots and the name of the 4th island in the game... Jambalaya Island! It would be evil of me to post them here... so go visit Mixnmojo! Thanks to Swordmaster for the news.

    Some More EMI Screenshots
    Now this is very interesting! www.travel.ag.ru has a couple of new EMI screenshots. Looks like the inside of the Melee Mansion to me (they seem to have repaired that hole in the wall). Also, the text mentions that we will get to control Elaine Marley as well as Guybrush! Thanks to pla@cland.ru for the info.

    EMI Previews
    A few more EMI previews to mention... first off is one over at GameSpot. Quite a bit of info in this one.. including the name of one of the new Islands, Lucre Island. Thanks to the many people who emailed about this one.

    The two have just returned from their honeymoon to Melee Island, but find that Elaine has been declared dead. As such, Guybrush and Elaine must travel to Lucre Island and visit the Marley law firm to set things straight - and discover what could just be the beginnings of a bizarre and sinister plot that's being hatched by a mysterious and truculent Australian land developer...
    Second preview is over at DailyRadar.com, it includes some encouraging words about the 3D engine. Thanks goto Mad Lord Snapcase! (hehehe.. classic name!)

    ...there was a huge outcry against LA's decision to go 3D instead of using the beloved 2D SCUMM engine. After taking a look at the early version of the game that LucasArts had running in their booth, we're able to say with some confidence: Chill out, it's all gonna be okay.
    Finally, GamePro.com has a short preview, unfortunately nothing new. News from Adventure Gamer.

    Plunder 3D Update
    Not at all related to MI4... Plunder 3D, the Plunder Island Level for Half Life, has a new screenshot of outside the Voodoo Hut. Very impressive!

    12th May 2000 A Pink Pirate Ship?!
    New Screenshot
    www.cdmag.com has a MI4 Preview, it's a very detailed preview and gives a lot of info about what we can expect. It includes a new screenshot and reveals that you will need a 3D card to play. It also says something about a pink pirate ship... well, at least it will match Guybrush's party dress. Below is a small snippet taken from the Preview:

    The game will use a modified version of the Grim Fandango 3D GRIME engine. The backgrounds are still 2D, but gorgeously rendered in 3D, maintaining the style of the last game in the series. A 3D accelerator is required, however. Four overhead maps will make navigation simple, as before-Melee and Monkey Island, and "two new locations."
    Many thanks to Jun Kim and Leonid for pointing out this article!

    11th May 2000 Bye, Bye mouse
    Just a quick request, could everyone just pass the word about that the address for this site is http://thescummbar.com. Any other address will no longer work.

    Also, Chariset over at The Definitive Monkey Island Website decided to alter an image of me (me being Skyfox) to look more like Guybrush. Be afraid and Click here.

    New EMI Details
    Games Domain have been able to get a glimpse of EMI at E3. Visit their EMI Article for the full details! Below is a little snippet... it seems that the mouse will not be used at all, hmmm... I think this calls for a new poll.

    So, how does the 3D graphics and the manipulation work together? This time round, Lucas Arts have designed the game to use key board commands to move, chose options and dialogues, and actions. As a character runs smoothly about, text appears at the bottom of the screen when a hot spot is encountered. If the character moves on, the text then disappears, so it only appears at the hot spot.
    It also mentions that Alexandra Boyd will be back as the voice of Elaine, and Dom will be back as Guybrush (But we knew that already, didn't we #monkey-islanders, hehe)

    Credit to Porsmond1@aol.com (sorry, I don't know your name) for sending me this news!

    Murray invades GameSpot
    Murray has been voted Second in the Gamespot Readers Top Ten Sidekicks. MUHAHAHAHA!! On a less demonic/evil level, Max was voted 3rd and Glottis was first! (That didnt't work out, Max is evil and Glottis is a demon... ahh well)

    Thanks to Bloodnose for the news!

    7th May 2000 Nothing about MI4
    Ron Gilbert Interview
    GameSpot have an Interview with Ron Gilbert. It's a very interesting read as it covers the early years at Lucasfilm Games, Monkey Island and why he finished at Cavedog. Here is a small snippet:
    For me, it was taking all the lessons from Maniac Mansion and Indy and putting into practice the theories that I had been devising about good game design. The Secret of Monkey Island is certainly still my favorite of the games I've done.
    I'm a little late with this news.. but thanks to everyone who emailed about it!

    CMI Cutscenes
    I saw thins over at Mixnmojo, a site called WildBrain.com allows you to see cutscenes from CMI and Grim Fandango.

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