November 1997

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29th November 1997 - The CMI Pirate Ship Song!
The Downloads section may be down for now... but there is one great download you can get here!! Download the CMI Pirate Ship Song MP3 file. It's 2.6meg in size, if you get lots of random text when you click on the link, hold down SHIFT and click again. *SPOILER WARNING* If you haven`t got as far as the ship section in CMI, then downloading this file could spoil it for you.
Many thanks to Sky889 who is the top guy who sent me this!

21st November 1997 - Did someone say CMI Board?
I`ve been thinking for doing this for a while, and a few messages on the Board finally convinced me to do it. So, there are now TWO posting Boards!! Please only post CMI releated messages on the CMI Posting Board. Oh, and I also have finally got CMI!! WOO-HOO!!

General MI Posting Zone and CMI Posting Board

The Scumm Bar *may* also soon be getting a face lift, possibly with frames.

17th November 1997 - Back to Geocities
As you may have noticed, the Scumm Bar is back at Geocities. The other server just couldn`t handle the amount of traffic (over 300 meg per day downloaded). So I have moved the main pages back here... the Downloads may be back soon though.

This is only Temporary, the page shouldn`t be on here for too long.

Also, CMI is now also available in the UK, Germany and Australia.

Finally, PLEASE don`t e-mail me telling me how great or bad the ending of CMI is... I don`t want to know, I`ll find out myself :) Since I have yet to play it, I don`t have any hints to give :(

13th November 1997 - CMI IS Out!
Well, judging by the number of email I have recieved... CMI has been released in the US and many people already have it. Also, it appears that you get a form that allows you to send off for a FREE copy of MI1 and 2. GREAT!

You may also have noticed a big reduction in Graphics on the page... this is for one reason, the server that currently holds the Scumm Bar can`t handle it (500meg a week apparently). So they have asked me to cut down. So Graphics and Downloads will now have suffer. The downloads section will soon disappear until I can find somewhere else to put it. Sorry guys :(

Looks ugly now... doesn`t it?

10th November 1997 - CMI Released?
Ok, CMI should be released any time now. I set the countdown to finish the first day of the week that CMI should be released. Now I`m asking a favour... anyone who buys CMI, could you please Email me, just so I know that it is actualy available to buy.

5th November 1997 - The Countdown Continues
I`ve finally added a countdown to CMI's release. Many thanks to Biggboss for sending me this.

Also, the link to the CMI 68meg Demo seems to not be working... again! I apologise fro this and will work on getting it fixed again. The links to a few of the MP3 files are not working either, this is because I ran out of space. I`m working on getting more space, please be patient :)

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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