November 1998

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27th November '98 Don't eat rice pudding!
Dom's Demo!
Dominic Armato (Voice of Guybrush, like you needed telling that) informs me that he has added his 'new animation voiceover demo' at his homepage! It is located in his 'WORK' section and is in MP2 format. (Best to use WinAmp to listen to it). I`m sure you'll be impressed and it's quite hilarious! Go Get it!

Grim Reviews

The latest Grim Fandango review I`ve seen was in PC Format and they gave it a great score of 94%! Here is a bit of what they said:

" thankful that you get the chance to experiance the sensational world of 'Grim Fandango' first. You'll laugh. You'll cry. But most of all, you'll discover why LucasArts is still the untouchable master of the genre, and just how downright good a fine adventure game can be."
Simon the Sorceror Interview
With all the talk about 'Simon the Sorceror' on the SCUMM Bar recently it would be worth mentioning that Adventure central has a great interview with the creators!

Poll Results

Latest Poll results here. Most people loved the art style in CMI, but also quite a few would have liked to have seen a MI2 style but in Hi-Res graphics.
19th November '98 Publishers say 'NO' to 2D
Simon the Sorceror 3D
A lot of you already know that Simon the Sorceror 3 will be done in 3D, but in the latest issue of PC Zone it mentions that Simon3 was originally 2D, in fact, about 70% of the graphics had already been completed. The shocking part is... they could NOT find a publisher willing to back a 2D adventure game.. they wanted 3D only! It says that Simon3 uses a modified Prince of Persia engine and is very impressive. More bad news for 2D?


After not printing a review of Grim Fandango last month due to their refusal to sign a contract from LucasArts, PC Zone has given Grim a great score of 90%! Pitty I still haven`t gotten hold of it :-(

Happy Birthday!

I was reminded today by Flirbnic (Happy birthday to you too by the way) that yesterday, the 18th, was Dominic Armato's Birthday! All the Best to Dom!

I`m sure there was something else I was supposed to mention.. oh well.

18th November '98 Stargazy Studios Website
Saw this over at Adventure Central, the website for Jonathan and Casey Ackley's new company Stargazy Studios has been opened! Jonathan Ackley was, as you probably know, the Co-Project leader on The Curse of Monkey Island. (That means he has talent by the way ;-)

16th November '98 Highland CMI Midi
Silly old me completely missed this over at Highland Productions, and I go there everyday! Apologies to Telerium and Serge. Anyway, Highland have a new top quality Midi of the CMI Introduction. As usual I loved it, and just had to use it as this site's background music!

Latest Poll results here.

11th November '98 Wagging The Cavedog
Gamspot UK has a article about Ron Gilbert's company Cavedog. Called Wagging The Cavedog, the article has an Interview with Ron Gilbert as well as info about their new games.

8th November 1998 Ackley leaves LucasArts
First off... can I just point out that the SCUMM Bar has passed the Quarter Million Hits mark!! Thank you all! And now for the bad news...

Swordmaster posted something he saw over at about Jonathan Ackley leaving LucasArts. This is what they say:

Jediknight.Net has learned through industry sources that Jonathan Ackley, project leader/co-designer for the "Curse of Monkey Island" has left LucasArts, joining his wife (and former LucasArts/LucasLearning designer and product manager) Casey Donahue Ackley in the development of their own software entertainment company, rumored to be called 'Stargazy Studios'.
Although we are sad to see him leave our favourite game company... we wish him and his wife all the best with their new company.

Also from Swordmaster, GameSpot have a lengthy LucasArts Feature.

Plunder Island has gone through a another face lift and has a nice new look!

New poll time! It seems that most people who visit here are veterans of the MI games and have been fans since MI1. See the results here.

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