October 1997

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30th October 1997 - CMI Goes Gold!!
This is it folks!! CMI is almost here. This was recently posted at Online Gamning Review.
Another highly anticipated adventure game should hit stores shoon. LucasArts has announced that Curse of Monkey Island, otherwise known as Monkey Island 3 has gone gold, been released to manufacturing and is expected to be on store shelves the week of November 10th.
Thanks to Thor Kuhlow and Monkey Mark for letting me know about this.

24th October 1997 - Page cleaned up
Not much news... I have just cleaned up the page a bit. More pages have been added to the Links section. If you have emailed me a link and it is not there, I apologise and please let me know.

Also, I have now finished accepting names for the Cast List and I will leave the Survey up for one more week. I am now sorting through the names submitted for the cast and I will add them to the page shortly.

15th October 1997 - CMI due for 15th November
YES!!! According to Online Gaming Review, CMI is due out on 15th November. Here is what they said:

LucasArts has let us know that their upcoming adventure game Curse of Monkey Island, otherwise known as Monkey Island 3, has a firm release date of November 15. The game is in QA testing now and should go gold by the end of October.

You can now download a CMI Theme created by BiggBoss. It is located off site Here.

Lastly, the 68meg version of the CMI demo should again be available to download at Stan's Previously Owned Downloads. Thanks to Robbie Parker.

2nd October 1997 - Herman gets a Solution (or two)

  • Finally, due to demand... I have added full solutions for both Monkey Island games. Check out Herman's Philosophical Hints, Thanks to Microangelo for the Solutions. Also, the "Whats new.." logo now has Caribbean spelt right... and I dare any of ye scurvy scumm ta say otherwise!! Ahem... sorry :)

    Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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