September 1998

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27th Sept 1998 More from 'The DIG'
Sorry for the lack of updates.. just very slow on news recently. More art in the Fanwork section, and a new poll. Result of the last poll can be viewed here.

Once again about The DIG, as well as having the Soundtrack CD, and The Internet Bookshop have the Paperback and Hardback versions of The DIG novel and the Audio book available to buy. Just in case you're interested :)

I saw this over at IF-News, Just Adventure has a article on being 'Stuck' in adventure games.

Almost forgot to mention... Booty Island has moved to mixnmojo. Check out the new look.. (and watch out for the rats!!)

19th Sept 1998 'The DIG' Soundtrack
I know quite a few people really love the music to 'The DIG' but are unable to find anywhere to buy the Soundtrack CD from. Well, I finally found it at To go straight to 'The DIG' order page, Click here. I`m pretty sure this is the right CD as it is listed as a soundtrack, is published by Angel and has the same code as the one on the back of my 'The DIG' soundtrack CD. It costs $14.99 and should be easy to order from places other than the USA.

Highland Productions are celebrateing their 100th MIDI anniversary! They also have 5 new Monkey Island 2 Midis. I`ll add them to the downloads soon.. but for now, visit Highland to get them!

Stan's Previously Owned Downloads has a new version of the CMI Pirate Ship Song recorded by Sunfox, it's longer and a little better quality.

Differant sort of Poll today... select all the answers that apply to you. The last poll was 'Which one of these characters from CMI is your favourite?' and Murray was the winner... but only slightly. Ok, Ok.. he got 57% of the votes! Won very convincingly.. I should have known he would really. Click here to see results.

18th Sept 1998 Happy (Belated) Birthday!
Many thanks to Ken "Dalixam" Christensen of The World of Monkey Island for a reminder, for something I`d totally forgotten about... YESTERDAY WAS THE SCUMM BAR'S SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! I really can`t believe I forgot about it. I`ve made it so you can see the counter on the main page now... you will notice that we are very close to reaching the 250,000 hits mark. Last year at this time we had 50,000... so there has been a huge increase!! I personally blame CMI.

A new game created by Mickey McMurray called 'Monkey Island Concentration' has been added to the Games Section.

Lastly, Dominic Armato (Voice of Guybrush in CMI) showed up at #monkey-island again last night. He had some cool information for us, he has a job on a new Clasky Csupo series, he may also be doing some work on X-Wing Alliance and somewhere along the way we got to the fact that he 'prefers his women tangible' (in reference to the Lara Croft craze going on at the time, that was probably my fault actually). While I looked up tangible in the dictionary... alot of tangerine jokes were thrown about and there was basicly no Monkey Island chat ;-) I think Dom now believes we are all totally insane.. and judging by last nights chat, I`d have to agree!!

13th Sept 1998 And so it Begins...
The Posting Board is no longer... well, no longer at, welcome back the old style Posting Board. This has a number of new features, and it looks a lot better than the old one.

Stan's Previously Owned Downloads is fully stocked up now. All the MP3 links should work, also, in the Demos section there is the CMI Trailer to download and a Real Video of some CMI gameplay. Just in case you can`t be bothered downloading the demo and have never played CMI.

I`ve also added an MP3 of some music from The DIG in the misc section of the downloads. This MP3 is all I will put up, just so you can have a taste of just how good the Music to this game is. If you want to hear more.. I really recommend buying the Game and Soundtrack CD, it's well worth it.

FanWork section has new art work, and more people added to the Regulars in the IRC Section.

Finally, a new poll today... the last poll was 'What MI has your favorite box art?' and MI2 won, although it was very close. For the full results see here.

11th Sept 1998 New Michael Land Interview
The excellent Michael Land Homepage has a new interview with Michael Land, go check it out as our favourite (and certainly one of the best, just check out The DIG music for proof!) game music composer has some interesting things to say.

FanWork section has new art work.

Finally, the Monkey Island Hangman game seems to have.. erm, died. I`ll try and fix it as soon as possible. Oh the joys of CGI scripts...

*UPDATE* Monkey Island Hangman is back up and working again! Try it out in the Games Section.

9th Sept 1998 The Basics
New art in the FanWork section, IRC section has more profiles and I`ve got quite a few of the MP3s uploaded to the Downloads section. Still quite a few more to go though.

8th Sept 1998 SCUMM Bar Games!
A new section has been added... SCUMM Bar Games, this section will have CGI and Java games for your amusment. There is only one game at the moment, Monkey Island Hangman, but I hope to add more soon. It's just some fun.. but if you don`t like to see Guybrush get hanged I`d stay clear :-) Don`t worry, there's nothing graphic.

More stuff added to the IRC and FanWork sections.

6th Sept 1998 New FanArt
A second page of artwork by fans has been added to the FanWork section.

Ok, Guybrush WAS ahead in the 'Who's The Coolest LEC Character To Date?' poll over at LucasGames. But now he isn`t!! So if you haven`t yet... go and vote!

More profiles added to the IRC section, if you are a IRC regular, then please send in a bio!

5th Sept 1998 Guybrush on top!!
Brenton Strachan emailed me to let me know that Guybrush is ahead in the 'Who's The Coolest LEC Character To Date?' poll over at LucasGames. As he rightly should be ;-)

Already people have started sending profiles of themselves for the IRC section... Thanks!

Just Adventure has an article about 'The Wisdom of Petitions.'

4th Sept 1998
Welcome to the SCUMM Bar's new residence... The House of Mojo has been kind enough to host this site, so I will now be able to do alot more stuff. I apologise for the banner at the top.. it's necessary if I am to be hosted here, but it doesn`t interupt too much. Many thanks to Spaff!!

So what's new? The IRC Chat section has been updated, so all the regulars can send in details about themselves and be added to the list. There is also a new section called FanWork... at the moment it's just FanArt but I hope to expand it soon. The Links have been upadated and I have also added the last of the Fan Reviews to the CMI Section.

Finally, Stan's Previously Owned Downloads has been updated. At the moment some of the files still haven`t been uploaded, I`m uploading as fast as Ican.. so if some files are missing, please be patient.

I`ve now changed the Poll, if you would like to see the results of the 'Which of the Monkey Island games has your favourite music?' poll, you can view it here. MI2 and CMI seem to be the favourites.. although alot of people liked the music from all three games.

One page I keep meaning to mention is Interactive Fiction News, they have been kind enough to mention me a few times, go give it a look!

JIM! (sorry, that was a request)

New Sites:

Murray's Cybersite
Guybrush's Grog Hold
LucasArts Fiction (A Must See!)
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