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September 1999

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26th Sept 1999 FamilyAmp
Monkey Island Winamp Skin
SCUMMland has another Monkey Island skin in its Winamp Section, also available are a large number of other skins based on your favourite LucasArts adventure games. The site is in german, but you shouldn`t have a propblem finding the skins.

Family site of the Day
Something I recently noticed while looking through the site logs... The SCUMM Bar (that is here by the way) was listed as Family Site of the Day for August 23rd at Worldvillage.com. Cool eh?

Retrospective look at MI1
Just saw this over at LucasGames. Adventure Central has posted a Retrospective on The Sectret of Monkey Island. Well worth a look.

20th Sept 1999 It's a funny old game
Please remember that the new URL is thescummbar.com.
Thanks to everyone who emailed to let me know what they thought of the look!

Top 10 Funny Games
I recently caught a TV show here in the UK called Cybernet, they had a Top Ten Funny Games chart. As wel has having lots of silly looking Playstation games, CMI was there at number 2! Smart TV program. So what beat CMI? It was Sam and Max! Very smart TV program.. but no Grim Fandango?

Now for something to Download
Ok, we all like to download stuff (certainly those poeple with Cable modems... lucky chimps) so try some of the downloads available at The Legend of Monkey Island. Available are the likes of Cursors, Icons, animated gifs and more. Take a look!

17th Sept 1999 3rd Birthday!
It is true! The SCUMM Bar is 3 years old today! To celebrate, the front page has a nice new look, gone are the frames and we now have our very own domain name! From now on please point your browser to thescummbar.com. If you find any errors or broken links, or if you just want to tell me what you think of the new look, please let me know.

Thanks go to my good friend Spaff from mixnmojo.com for all the help with the site and the domian name. Thanks also go to DJG for help with the CGI and SSI! Finally thanks to anyone else who helped, I really appreciate it!

SCUMM Revisited v2.0.12
This news is a little late, but the latest version of SCUMM Revisited is available. This version give you the ability to rip the sound from ANY of the movies in CMI.

As an example, here is the Intro music from CMI, ripped by DJG.

Monkey Island 3 Theories
For those interested in what Ron may have had in store for his MI3, Matt Shaw has written up a number of theories on the subject.

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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