September 1997

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29th September 1997 - More Monkey Island Novel
  • I must apologise for the lack of updates recently, but to make up for it here is a new part of the Monkey Island Novel Adaptaion is available to read. Enjoy!
    A few more additions to the CMI Info Section and Stan's Previously Owned Downloads.

    17th September 1997 - Happy Birthday Scumm Bar

  • Welcome to the 1st Birthday update for the Monkey Island Scumm Bar... Yes, the Scumm Bar is one year old today. During this time, the Scumm Bar has recieved over 50,000 hits. To celebrate this occasion, I have done a large update. Apart from changeing the looks a bit (I didn`t want to change it too much) I have added another original MI demo to Stan's Previously Owned Downloads. Many, many thanks to Brian Trewin for sending it to me.
  • Also, in the Monkey Island 3 info section, there is a scan of another (very impressive) CMI advert. Thanks once again to MrNemo. There is also some new CMI related stuff.
  • The Monkey Island novel has been updated with a better look, and a new part will be available anytime now.
  • The Cast List as promised many months ago is ready.
  • There is a Survey I hope people will fill in and tell me what they think of the new update.

    Other News, there is another AVI available on the Cover CD of Issue 42 of PC Gamer (UK Version). It shows two other scenes... one in a Crypt and another with Murray. Screenshots are available in the Monkey Island 3 info section. Thanks to J-peg for letting me know about this.

    8th September 1997

  • More new Midis and a few extra pictures scanned by the great MrNemo. The next update of this page will take place in about a week.

    Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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